Palin suggests Politico photo of Bachmann is sexist

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Thursday she objected to a photo of Rep. Michele Bachmann in the publication Politico by suggesting its use was sexist.

The photo, used to accompany a story about GOP leadership “drama,” showed Bachmann having make-up applied. The accompanying article detailed how Bachmann’s run for Republican Conference Chair against Rep. Jeb Hensarling is a “speed bump” in an otherwise smooth transition process into the House majority for the GOP.

“A photo of Rep Bachmann in a Leadership article [with] the title including a ‘drama’ angle … showing her being made up with cosmetics?!” Palin said in an e-mail to The Daily Caller.

“Would they do this to a male candidate? Kinda’ like the Newsweek cover of me in running shorts. Kinda’ like all these recent articles that mention what I’m wearing or not wearing, yet not one mention of anyone else’s garb in the same article. It gets old, it’s boringly transparent, it’s beyond subtle,” Palin said.

Politico changed out the photo for another of Bachmann later in the morning. “We agreed it wasn’t the best choice of photos, so we changed it,” said Politico executive editor Jim VandeHei.

A spokesman for Bachmann called the photo “inappropriate” but declined to elaborate.

Several readers of the piece noted in comments they found the photo offensive as well, with one calling it “incredibly sexist.”

Initially, Palin tweeted her objection to the photo, saying “Press: why use this Bachmann pic in LEADERSHIP story? Ur 2 transparent.” One Politico reporter, Ken Vogel mocked the remark, saying, “Sarah Palin, photo-editor.” Alex Burns answered Palin’s tweeted question by saying “story’s about her,” referring to Bachmann.

In terms of the leadership fight between Bachmann and Hensarling, Palin said she was not taking a position — not yet, at least.

“I’m taking a position on who gets to sit in the big boy highchair this morning for breakfast… Trig or Tripp?” Palin said, referring to her son and grandson, respectively.

“Leadership in the US Congress this morning? Nah … not ’till after the Cheerios,” Palin said.

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  • hampton

    When is this woman going to stop playing the victim card? The media reports on her every drool and burble and yet she’s a victim of the media. And if Sarah wanted to have only serious pictures of herself published, perhaps she shouldn’t have posed in cheesecake for Runner magazine so soon after the she ran for Vice President. Is Bachmann so dumb she didn’t see the camera up in her face? Hello? What did she think would happen to the pictures? These women are media hounds and love all the attention they’re getting. I don’t feel sorry for either of them one single bit.

  • ChuckNorton1

    The photo is sexist. Instead of focusing on the substance of the hard work she has done, here we go with the makeup/ T&A narrative.

    Sure Bachmann/Palin are very lovely ladies and men cannot help but notice, but Politico etc are supposed to be news sources with a focus on substance, not tabloids with a focus an who lost the most weight, who has the best makeover and who has the hottest dress.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Darlene-Norris/1109495625 Darlene Norris

    Why is Politico so afraid of of somebody taking a woman seriously?! This kind of sexist tripe is pretty obvious. They got called on it, which I was glad to see. It’s about time that conservative women demand, and get, the same respect that men do.

  • bellh

    i she married all seems good

  • talibangelical

    Sorry Tea Baggers, the GOP will not answer your calls anymore, they are turning their back on Bachman, so the only thing left to do is to complain about a picture.

    Have fun Tea Party — you’ve been played by the GOP DC establishment and now you have to live with this sideshow passing as news while bail-out-Bohner gets back to running up the deficit!

    • riseabove

      The term “teabaggers” is as offensive and derogatory as the “n” word. It’s said with malice and derision. Yet, the Right is constantly accused of being racists, hateful and intolerant. Don’t you think you might want to reconsider the use of that word? Otherwise you should have no problem or justifiable complaints whatsoever if a member of the Tea Party calls a black person the “n” word in a malicious manner.

      And the GOP “playing” the Tea Party is as laughable as the idea that middle-of-the-road Democrats “played” the Progressives.

      • talibangelical

        Tea Bagger was their term, not mine. If you think that is the same as calling someone the N word, that’s your choice and if you think it is okay to do so because of me calling a Tea Bagger a Tea Bagger, then more power to you – I do not understand the logic of it: If someone uses a word you don’t like, you will use the N word. But whatever, have fun.

        If you saying the Tea Party was played in the same way that Dems played the far left, I will not argue with that. Still funny.

        Watch them vote to raise the debt ceiling…that will tell you all.

        By the way, can this woman who quit the job she took an oath to fulfill (remember when she had an elected post) stop whining for just one day?

        • legacyboy

          rachel maddow and Anderson Cooper are having conniption fits about the use of the word “gay” which is used to self describe homosexuals, like themselves, I might add, but the use of this completely derogatory term “tea-bagger” continues to be used pervasively, often by that sorry excuse of a talking pin-head, rachel maddow, herself.(please note, I refuse to even expend the effort to capitalize her name…she just doesn’t deserve it). I can only imagine the replies I will get when I refer to them as a carpet-muncher and a fag respectively. There lefties, now u have an excuse to circumvent the issues…Happy??

        • beepster

          Well, dude, if you think sucking on a male’s testicles in appropriate, that’s your choice. Personally, I find it very inappripriate and disgusting!!!!

          • truebearing

            It’s talitard’s hobby.

          • talibangelical

            Ew…that is what that means?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Darlene-Norris/1109495625 Darlene Norris

      I’ve reported your comment for using a nasty term. Grow up and debate civilly, without the name-calling. Or is that possible for you?

      • talibangelical

        Thank you Darlene! I appreciate your support. I agree that Riseabove’s justification of use of the N word is very inappropriate.

      • des1

        It’s ok Darlene. We’ve all come to know that TA is too stupid to make an argument without smearing millions of people he doesn’t know. His bigotry is what makes his philosophies identifiably Liberal.

    • pepito


      You’re delusional and at the same time, predictable.

      You are tiresome and boring…

  • charm

    I’d call it even if Politico gave us a picture of Pelosi getting a botox injection.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eileen-Voisin/598527664 Eileen Voisin

      I have to agree so much.What matthews did to michelle B on tuesday night should be enought to fire him.The only news media i heard covering this story was fox.I seen oiberman &matthews say they should go to commerical when the new house speaker to be was about to Speak.There is such unfairness out there &
      people need to call people on it.

  • tree hugging sister

    Getting “down in the mud”? Que? Good for Sarah! Someone needs to start calling these guys on this stuff (QUICK ~ name the last “doing make-up” shot of a MALE in a post about their fight for a leadership position in 3-2-1…you CAN’T) and I’d be equally as happy to see it be a tweet from Newtie.

  • loudog

    Palin, getting down in the mud and twittering her words of “wisdom”. Is she trying to be Presidential or a talk show host?

    • grayzel

      I thought I read somewhere that Gibbs twitters. Since he is the Presidents spokesperson could not the same question be asked of Obama?

      • loudog

        Not unless Gibbs is commenting on National Enquirer articles on behalf of the President.

  • riseabove

    Two things:

    1. If the photo was offensive, why did the Daily Caller choose to publicize it? If I were Michelle, I’d be just as annoyed wherever it was placed.

    2. As usual, the left has it backwards. According to their own words, we’re supposed to be the teabaggERS. (I’ll leave it to the reader’s discretion to follow that thought through).

    • des1

      The photo itself is not offensive. It’s just a photo. The subcontext comes in when you realize where it was placed (i.e. a story critical of her policy views). It’s like the Left using a picture of Palin jogging in a serious opinion piece. If it was in a bigger part of a piece about her life having to appear on TV for instance, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with it.

      • talibangelical

        You know, I find it hard to believe with all the offensive signs at the Tea Party (see I did not call it Tea Bagger now that I know what that means) rallies, that this is a photo anyone could complain about.

        Are there not serious issues at hand?