Transplant recipient sent to prison

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) – A Cheektowaga man who’s run out of second chances will finally head to prison for an alcohol-fueled hit and run crash.

The 32 year old will spend at least the next year behind bars. The judge gave Gurninderjit Thandi the maximum sentence for a DWI crash, where he had a blood alcohol level of seven times the legal limit.

Thandi struck two cars and a injured a pedestrian back in March while he was driving drunk in the Edgebrook Estates, in Cheektowaga.

Police say he had a blood alcohol level of point 5.6.

Two months prior to this crash, Thandi received a liver transplant in Rochester.

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  • masanf

    Holy freakin cow. If you can have a .56 BAC and actually survive, you shouldn’t be sent to jail, rather the guy should be sent to a circus freak show.

  • Momma M

    Actually Tampa, the text reads “point 5.6″… so I’m assuming the drunk was at .56 … So he was pretty close to being a lucky DEAD man…

    The sadness here – though I certainly believe he should be locked up – Taxpayers now will be paying his medical costs… Too bad he didn’t just drive off a bridge instead of into innocent people.

    • TampaBaysBull

      Yea it’s a bit confusing to me. Either way, this man was obviously not deserving of such a kind gesture. Surely, there were others that would value a second chance at life more than this freak.

    • Emil Blatz

      Who said the taxpayers weren’t already paying his medical costs? The reporter on this story could dig a bit deeper.

  • TampaBaysBull

    Blood alc. level of 5.6!!! WOW that is roughly 70 times the legal limit here in Florida (.08). Usually death is imminent somewhere around .55-.56. DC, you might want to move that decimal to the left a bit.