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Don’t need a Weatherman to know Obama’s not happy to see Bernardine Dohrn pop her head up again

Here’s the “former” radical, explaining to Newsclick India why you’re the crazy one:

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Good point about taking soundbites out of context. For example, consider this soundbite from Dohrn herself, regarding the murder of Sharon Tate, eight months pregnant, by the Manson Family:

“Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in pig Tate’s belly. Wild! Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, far out! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson!”

What you have to keep in mind about this quote is that “dig” was actually ’60s slang for “abhor and condemn.” Similarly, “wild” was an exclamation of sadness and horror, while “far out” meant “I am thoroughly shocked and appalled.” “Pig,” of course, meant “innocent person who did nothing to deserve such a fate.”

Clip via Verum Serum, who notes:

I hesitated to even post this, questioning whether Bernardine Dohrn or her husband Bill Ayers are even relevant anymore. As frustrating as it was that most of the media downplayed (or ignored) Barack Obama’s radical associations during the 2008 election, the only thing that will matter in the run-up to 2012 will be his record as President.

But as off the rails as Dohrn is in this clip, her attacks against conservatives are substantively no different than the bilge that Media Matters, MSNBC and many other mainstream media outlets have been airing for the past 18 months. They’re RACISTS! And they are ARMED!! (I must have missed the militia march on Capitol Hill.)

Remember, Dohrn and her husband William Ayers don’t think violent resistance is necessarily the answer. Glad she showed up again to remind the left what they want us all to forget.

  • sunnyr

    This over-the-hill old Hippy Hag and her terrorist “husband” would still be in jail but for our G-men violating the constitution by not getting a search warrant before wiretapping the phones of this smelly bunch of hyena’s. They had them cold and they would have gone to the gray bar hotel for YEARS. Instead these maggots are in academia, slithering around our kids and spewing their bile. They are a disgrace and ONLY IN CHICAGO would they be welcomed with open arms. Sickening.

  • junglejim123

    This radical lunaticand her murderous husband ought ot be in jail for the rest of their stinking lives. They killed a police officr and they got away with it….with Ayers even laughing about it. Something is seriously wrong in this country when scumbags like this can breathe the same air as the rest of us. They fit right in with that cesspool called Chicago politics. Obamas friends…..yep…they fit right in to that circle too.

  • rlynh

    Good grief. Is that old bag still around?

  • stop2think2

    Put a know-nothing terrorist in front of books and the libs think they have an intellectual. The only armed person I recall at a rally was a BLACK man in AZ who was armed legally at an Obama rally. But she left that key detail out.

  • truebearing

    Not only is Dorn stark raving insane, she’s stupid, and looks like some kind of an alien. Ayers should be jailed for being attracted to her, if for no other reason.

    I say give Dorn and Ayers a blindfold and a cigarette, and then teach them the big bang theory of justice.

  • btigordon

    this sad example of humanity gives me pause from time to time to question my faith. but I persevere, in spite of her and her ilk. I pray for her soul, but at the same time I pray for her obvious insanity to be lifted.

  • xrayactual

    I think you hit it, Zelda. The fact that she is not only free, from the prison she should be in, but that she still has the ability to spew her hate. Why?

    Her affected speech, her supposed affinity for the downtrodden. What a crock.

    That’s the educational elite for you. They read a book once, which massaged their masturbatory fantasies, and then stopped reading anything else.

  • ladylove

    ahh I lived through the sixties and

    Dig it, meant just that, to dig it, to understand

    wild, meant just that, wild referred to something great.

    far out meant just that, again in a positive way

    and Pig was what the “establishment” especially the police were referred to.

    • pepito

      Hear hear ladylove, you are correct! The other definitions are BS.

    • minicapt

      Why do you hate Mr Treacher in his jocosity?
      And must you think of him as a Globally Integrated Mathematical Property?


      • ladylove

        the truth my friend always remains the truth, and I believe in the truth.

    • David R. Graham

      Right you are ladylove. That’s exactly what those words meant in the 60s. I lived through the time also. I can’t figure out whether Treacher really thinks those words meant what he says they meant or whether he’s being caustically ironic in giving those definitions. If he really thinks that’s what those words meant meant, he disappoints me and tells me there are other fundamentals on which he is dead wrong. I don’t know what to think of him now. He hasn’t answered your correction of his definitions.

      • Jim Treacher

        You guys are joking, right?

        • ladylove

          now come on, how old are you.

  • killtruck

    Her inner beauty really shines through.

    • ladylove

      you are so right,

      a cow patty, is the same on the outside as it is on the inside, and it’s odor stinks, no matter what,

      and even over time, the outside hardens, but it still remains a cow patty.