The South Carolina Democratic problem

Pretty good for a guy who spent about $1,000 on his campaign and received virtually no acknowledgement that he was the first African American to be nominated for U.S. Senate by a major party in South Carolina’s history.

How much did the South Carolina Democratic Party spend to get Frasier and Corden that extra 1% of the vote?  It’s nothing compared to the amount of bad press they got by bad-mouthing their own candidate.

Sure, Alvin made his share of embarrassing gaffes, but so did many upstart Tea Party-backed candidates.  The difference is that the Tea Party stood by their candidates, but the South Carolina Democratic Party did not stand by Mr. Greene.  Americans value loyalty, and they frown upon elitism.

Alvin wasn’t brilliant or articulate, but he won the nomination fair and square.  Rather than acknowledge his accomplishment, the party did everything they could to undo it.  Maybe his gaffes would have been curtailed had he been brought into the fold, rather than isolated in a way that made him an easy target for opportunistic media.

We’ve been following Alvin for the last five months while shooting a documentary, and we saw him press on despite humiliating in-person rejections by the party.  At one point, Alvin placed a “Greene for Senate” sign at the Democratic booth at the state fair only to have it taken down when he walked away. In Alvin’s hometown of Manning, the Democratic headquarters did not even put up one of his campaign posters.  Taking a cue from the statewide party, some local Democratic organizations began to unofficially back Green Party nominee Tom Clements, despite rules against endorsing outside candidates.

The party leadership was very gracious in granting us interviews and access during our shooting.  They are smart, passionate people, but at the same time, they presented a wildly inconsistent message to voters: we encourage you to vote a straight Democratic ticket, even though we do not personally support Mr. Greene.

California Democrats supported a recently-deceased candidate who ended up winning a State Senate seat, but South Carolina Dems couldn’t back a live candidate who desperately needed their help.  In a strange twist, it was conservative talk radio hosts like Keven Cohen and Keith Larson (WBT 1110 am Charlotte) who gave Alvin a venue to present his campaign platform when the party wouldn’t.

Despite his awkward appearance on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” in which he answered virtually every question with “DeMint started the recession,” Alvin received Lawrence O’Donnell’s seal of approval: “I don’t think Jim DeMint personally started the recession, but I do think Alvin Greene — still better than Jim DeMint.”  That was a more enthusiastic endorsement than Greene’s own party gave him, and a catchy one: Alvin Greene — still better than Jim DeMint.

Spanish poet Unamuno said of Catholic marriage, “If your wife has a pain in her left leg, you shall feel that same pain in your left leg.”  Alvin Greene lost, but the Democratic Party of South Carolina feels his pain.  Not just because most of their candidates also lost, but because the party contributed to the “shellacking” that Dems took around the country by trying to avoid its own “embarrassing” candidate.

The real winner?  Alvin Greene.  While the butt of many jokes, he went after his American dream when many others never do.  Alvin Greene is a candidate who never quit even when his own party turned against him.

Leslie Beaumont is a documentary filmmaker whose credits include the African adventure “Glory Bound” and “The Sumba Project,” which provides a rare glimpse into one of the world’s oldest and intact animist cultures. David Garrett is a Razzie-nominated writer/director who has written feature film scripts for Disney, Paramount, Universal, Dreamworks and MTV.

  • USC

    Don’t let the Democrats get away with stealing the 2010 MN elections !!!

    Minnesota election statistical improbabilites and the need for recounts http://www.examiner.com/independent-in-minneapolis/minnesota-election-statistical-improbabilites-and-the-need-for-recounts

    After thinking this myself, consulting with certain candidates and citizens and hearing it repeated in the Minnesota blogosphere, I have came to the conclusion that we must force a 100% hand count of all ballots for these Statewide Minnesota elected offices.

    Secretary of State
    Minnesota Auditor
    Minnesota Attorney General
    All contested Minnesota Supreme Court Races
    And all contested Appellate Court Races

    This past election, I served as a election judge in Minneapolis Ward 8, Precinct 3

    As an election judge in Minneapolis 8-3 our 2010 vote total was 542 according to the computer. From my memory of the vote totals from the preregistered voters from 2008, the vote total Minneapolis 8-3 in 2008 was 1149. Therefore the 2010 to 2008 vote total comparison for Minneapolis 8-3 was 47.17% How many Hennepin County voting districts must have voter turnout greater than 71% to negatethe 47% of Minneapolis 8-3?

    Minneapolis Ward 8 Precinct 3 is heavily democratic. After the polls closed and we election judges could discuss politics, the election judges for this polling station in 2008 said that there were only 7 or 8 Republican votes cast in Minneapolis 8-3 in 2008.

    The ballot total for Hennepin County for 2010 was 70.62% of 2008. (estimated 470000 for 2010 vs 665485 for 2008 )

    My logic and reasoning are proceeds from these numbers and other information I will reveal later in this article.

    With an overwhelmingly high propensity to vote Democrat, it is reasonable to presume Minneapolis 8-3 is representative of the attitude of Democrat voters in, at least densely populated areas, and perhaps Democrats through out the State of Minnesota.

    If the trend for Minneapolis 8-3 is reflective of the Democrat voter turnout across the state and less than half the Democrats that voted in 2008 voted in 2010, How could the Democrats win any State wide office let alone all of them?

    Further, all media reports indicated that those predisposed to vote Republican were energized and more likely to vote. President Obama kept warning his Democrat constituency that if they did not vote at the same level as 2008, losses would occur. (As election results become available, I will try to post actual turnout levels in areas predisposed to vote Republican.) Wouldn’t this trend require the Democrats to have even an entire hirer turnout to counter greater Republican voter turnout?

    As importantly, How could the Republicans post numerically overwhelming wins to gain control of the Minnesota House and Senate, yet not win any of the state wide offices such as Governor, Secretary of State, Minnesota Attorney General, Minnesota Auditor and contested Minnesota Supreme Court contests nor any contested Minnesota Appellate Court cases.

    In fact, in most years, we the General Public, often are advised by the major media that lower level elected offices benefit with extra votes from a winning top of ticket candidate like Governor. And usually what they are referring to is the propensity of voters to vote a straight party line ticket?

    I just cannot think of any reasonable scenario that explains why Voters would vote against the political party that was then currently in power in Minnesota aka the Democrats by voting rare Republican majorities into both the State House and Senate but then voting for the Democrats holding the State wide like the Governor and the others previously mentioned.

    Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Horner is a non factor in this regard. Tom Horner was widely known as a RINO or worse. All conservatives knew he was pro-Obamacare and was going to increase taxes… The Taxed Enough Already Party (TEA Party) was not about to vote for Mr. Horner in droves. Mr. Horner was widely called a Democrat amongst conservatives. Mr. Horner was more as likely or more likely to take middle of the road, pro Obamacare, pro higher taxes Democrats from Mr. Dayton than he was to take votes from anti Obamacare, anti higher taxes, Conservative Republican Emmer.

    Now add to the mix, the following testimony by a computer programmer before congress”


    As an election judge in Minneapolis Ward 8 Precinct 3, I only signed off on a “register tape” from the ballot box computer. I and others also signed across the seal of various envelopes containing the actual ballots. But we did not hand count the ballots to double check the computers math.

    As an average citizen and a duly certified Minnesota Election Judge, I sense that something smells rotten and merits
    hand recounts of every ballot in these aforementioned races.

    I have no confidence in Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.

    After presiding over the Coleman/Franken mess, it is my expectation as a citizen that Mr. Ritchie would have made sure no such glitches occurred in this election. In that election, at least 341 felons voted in the 2008 race that was separated by 312 votes

    We already know of the 60,000 vote Hennepin County irregularity, which after being brought to the attention of the powers that be aka “getting caught” was explained away as an honest mistake. And how much more of this illegal election activity went on:

    Crow Wing Co. Authorities Investigate Allegations of Voter Fraud Involving Mentally Disabled

    Voter Fraud Alert: MN AFSCME Drags Mentally Handicapped to Polling Station to Vote for Dems (Video)

    From the facts presented, any Minnesota Citizen who puts aside their bias, will recognize that there needs to be state wide 100% hand recount.

    The voting machines must be immediately seized and the code examined for anomalies by pairs of Republican and Democrat Computer Programmers.

    Secretary of Mark Ritchie had 2 years to work out all the glitches in the system following the Felon Voters Franken/Coleman mess of 2008. He did not as evidenced by the issues thus far known to the public.

    Mr. Ritchie had the opportunity and motive to proactively produce a fraudulent result and/or more passively allow system-wide policies and procedures which would allow others to produce the desired result.

    As Secretary of State, Mr. Ritchie himself a Democrat, held onto power despite the Republican Tsunami that rolled over the Minnesota State Senate and House.

    After years of hearing from the Major media how the lower elected offices benefit and/or ride the coattails of the top of the political party ticket, are WE THE PEOPLE of Minnesota suddenly just going to accept a election result that does not conform to historic precedent? And on top of that are we going to accept the explanation of ACORN ally Mr. Ritche who has a history of mismanaged elections and motive for skewing the vote?

    Fair and Honest elections are the cornerstone of any democratically elected government.

    I believe I have established a basis for reasonable doubt as to the accuracy of the results for the aforementioned statewide offices. To restore the faith of WE THE PEOPLE in the integrity of the election process, Minnesota must perform a 100% recount of the following offices:

    I call upon all Minnesotan’s to contact their State Representatives and Senators to demand a recount of these state wide offices:

    Secretary of State
    Minnesota Auditor
    Minnesota Attorney General
    All contested Minnesota Supreme Court Races
    And all contested Appellate Court Races

    In liberty,

    Don Mashak
    The Cynical Patriot
    Minnesota election statistical improbabilites and the need for recounts http://www.examiner.com/independent-in-minneapolis/minnesota-election-statistical-improbabilites-and-the-need-for-recounts

    Don’t let the Democrats get away with stealing the 2010 MN elections !!!

  • masanf

    Comparing Alvin Greene’s vote totals to the vote totals in states that, in some cases, don’t even have 1 million people is a wee bit disingenuous. Given that, I would love to see the 358,069 brain-dead idiots who voted for Greene.

  • johno413

    The establish or elite of both parties, whichever term you prefer, destroyed the chances of candidates they did not like. It was an equal opportunity effort. The GOP gave absolutely no support to O’Donnell in DE, for example, beyond a visit here and there, such as RNC Chairman Steele. No get out the vote support was provided, so I read.

    Shameful for both parties.

    • masanf

      Ah, yes, more ridiculous nonsense about how the “establishment” cost O’Donnell her seat in DE. Because an extremely liberal state like DE would have been much more likely to vote in O’Donnell if Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell had only lended their support. I think everyone should read these articles for a shattering of such ridiculous bullsh*t.

      1. http://minx.cc/?post=307871
      This is a link from Ace of Spades, one of the best conservative blogs on the internet.

      2. Another one from Ace

      3. From National Review a link that discusses the wreckage O’Donnell’s nomination caused throughout the entire state.

      • johno413

        I never suggested it cost her the race. I only highlighted that the power brokers shamefully ignored her because she was not their choice. Never mind that ONLY people who had registered for their party in DE selected her. What does that say about the view of “the people” by the elite, for example? If I were a registered Republican it would cause me to pause. What good is a party label and a primary vote if it is not to be honored regardless of outcome?

        Likewise, Greene was selected by registered Dems in SC. To shun him as brazenly as they did shows exactly how they, too, feel about “the people”.

        • SamAdams25

          I agree Johno. In Greene’s case, I believe the Dems felt they could not support him while constantly calling O’Donnell and Angle wacky, yet they did support Grayson (Mr. Wacky personified). In the GOP cases, the Old Guard is resistant to any possible challenge to their authority by non-establishment candidates. We The People will eventually replace them in primaries.