NJ Gov.: Delaware ‘missed opportunity’ for Senate

WASHINGTON (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the Senate race in Delaware was “a missed opportunity” for his fellow Republicans to pick up the seat long held by Democrat Joe Biden.

Tea party favorite Christine O’Donnell won the GOP nomination in an upset over moderate Rep. Mike Castle. But she lost the general election Tuesday to Democrat Chris Coons.

Christie says he was proud to have endorsed Castle.

O’Donnell ran a nontraditional campaign that opened with a TV ad saying “I’m not a witch.” National Republicans had hoped the race would help them win the majority in the Senate.

Christie told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “I think Delaware was a missed opportunity to have a really good U.S. senator.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasmine-Clark/1785223171 Jasmine Clark

    why are people assuming castle would have won??? that’s not necessarily true.

    and anyway, christine was the nominee, like it or not. more republicans should have UNITED and put support behind her instead of turning their backs on her.

    ok so it wasn’t the best idea to start the ad with “i’m not a witch.” i said that when the video was posted on daily caller http://dailycaller.com/2010/10/04/christine-odonnell-ad-im-not-a-witch/ (hmm i see the person above me said it too.)
    but look at the bigger picture. the reason she even said that in the first place was because of all the vicious media attacks that focused on unimportant things she said long ago instead of debating her policies and ideas. what more republicans should have done is defended her from the attacks and brought attention to her policies. but no, instead they didn’t want anything to do with her. then she lost. christine actually had less support from republicans than independents!!! her own party is the reason she lost.

  • sunnyr

    I am very glad we didn’t win the Senate. We have power in the House and we can most likely bring a few Dems over to our side in most concerns that are popular w ith the general public. If we had both the House and Senate, Obozo would be all set to pull his phony crap he has pulled for two years, “Blame it on the Republicans.” We have to get rid of this incompetent, clueless, narcissistic goofball in 2012!

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  • talibangelical

    She was a genius, why can’t he see that? I meant, she had top secret Clarence regarding the Chinese takeover of the US. They just don’t give that out to anyone. She had also studied at places that sounded almost like real schools. Give her a break!

  • aposematic

    Goodness people. A State that for ever has re-elected the dunce Biden to be their Senator was going to miraculously overnight get some brains and elect a Conservative–dream on!

  • philipjames

    – NO guarantee Castle would have won… all Republicans in Delaware went down, they all lost by the same percentage as Christine… so what the Republican Establishment is saying, including Christie, is that WITH Republican Establishment support, Castle could have, would have won. Well, that is a stunning indictment… that the reason Christine lost is because there was no support.
    – Lets be clear…. the Republican Establishment was very happy to have Christine as their candidate against Joe Biden in two elections… What’s that all about? They knew she could not win against Biden so they were happy to have her as the sacrificial lamb… but, when it looked like maybe there was an opportunity, they decided to destroy her and go with Castle. Rats… that’s what they are…. big stinking RATS.
    – Just one example of the back room boys culture… they would rather destroy one of their own rather than give up the power. There is no other answer than this. Castle did not endorse. NRSC abandoned her. There appear to be a lot of rats in that nest… i.e. weaken Miller in Alaska by allowing Murkowski to keep her seniority… seen the video on Huckabee last night where Federal employer on Military base told all his workers to vote for Murkowski because she brought home bacon being on Appropriations Committee? http://tinyurl.com/3a6dqvs
    – Well, there is going to be an accounting coming in 2012.

  • zelda

    I think Tea Party candidates have a better chance than most at winning seats, but they still need to be articulate politicians. O’Donnell’s message wasn’t the problem. I think Marco Rubio or Joe Miller could have beaten Coons or Reid.

  • johno413

    Perhaps both DE and NV were missed opportunities. And I’m not an Tea Party member, but I’m still waiting to see how other candidates perform before I decide how effective they were. After all, both party elite have made similar missteps in the past and will again in the future.