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Dr. Drew on Obamacare: ‘You will see a massive flight of physicians from the field’

He couldn’t be more wrong, of course. Good intentions will act as a magic spell and everything will work out just like Obama says. You’ll see. After all, health care is a right. Doctors and nurses must take care of us, by force if necessary. They don’t have the right not to! See, look, it’s in the Constitution.

(Hat tip: The Blaze)

  • blacklake

    I just listened to the episode of the Adam Carolla Show this hails from the other day. Drew is quite astute at keeping politics out of his media ventures, though between things like this and snippets one can occasionally glean from the “Loveline” pre-show podcasts, I’d argue he’s at the very least a thoughtful centrist, and possibly even Libertarian-leaning. One shouldn’t judge him on preconceptions about his areas of expertise and/or his venue: He’s one of the more interesting–and I daresay rational–people out there in Hollywood.

  • gooners

    It’s true – just look at every other country in the world that has universal health care. There’s not one doctor in the lot of them.

    • Jim Treacher

      Straw man demolished. Goonie does it again!

    • des1

      Wow, that’s a nice strawman evisceration there, gooney. You know, the last time I checked, it was a 9 month waiting list for an MRI in Canada. Do you suppose that’s because they have too many doctors?

  • leilani

    Make US medicine yet another massive government bureaucracy under the control of politicians beholden to special interest groups as ObamaCare seeks to do, and you will no longer see the best & the brightest devote 12-15 years of their prime earning years deferring those earnings by training to become a glorified federal bureaucrat.

    The only people who will go into a nationalized scheme of medicine of the sort ObamaCare is now forcibly inflicting upon the American people in order to assert complete government control over the citizenry are the kind of folks who dreamed as children growing up to become DMV clerks & IRS auditors.

    Those are the ‘geniuses’ who will eventually be operating on your children & diagnosing your elderly parents and upon whom your own health & longevity will depend, America, and there’s no getting around it unless this antidemocratic monstrosity of a bill is repealed.

  • stupac

    man this story is only 6 days old and you ripped it off. good reporting!

    • Jim Treacher

      You’re welcome.

      • stupac

        Well I didn’t say thanks! It’s just frustrating because my blog had this story the day it happened, we got no love. In all seriousness keep up the good work dude.

  • ohthehugemanatee

    Crap! They’ve lost Dr. Drew. It’s curtains for Obama now.

  • Sean M.

    Just did a Google blog search, and there seems to be precious little reaction to this from lefty blogs.

    Where are the angry denunciations, people?!!

  • Ryan.Iowa

    Did Obama, Pelosi, and Reid think doctors would work pro-bono for the rest of their careers? Doctors go to med school to learn a highly specialized skill in the hopes to get paid for that service. If Obamacare insn’t repealed, the United States’ first rate Medical field will tumble to third-world status in less than a generation.

  • des1

    When as a Liberal you’ve lost the radio sex-talk doctor, you know you’re in trouble.

    Democrat idiocy knows no bounds. Libs won’t acknowledge the problems EVER. Even when the system crashes down they’ll blame everything but their Liberal policies.

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