Will Congress try to pass a renewable energy standard during the lame-duck session?

Energy | Charles Steele

NFL, manufacturers agree there's no perfect helmet

Sports | admin

Recent head injuries spark debate about player, helmet safety in NFL

White House staffers got a bigger raise than you did last year

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Despite Obama's pay freeze for White House staffers, seventy-four percent got a raise last year according to an analysis of annual salary reports

Berlusconi days numbered with no-confidence motion

World | admin

Silvio Berlusconi looks to be on his way out as political crisis unfolds in Italy

Gerrymandering 101

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

How is America a center/right country, yet we often have a liberal or at least Democratic majority in the Congress?

First Apple computer to be sold at UK auction

Business | admin

Auction on Apple computer should collect more than $200,000

Intel raising dividend, having 'best year ever'

Business | interns

Intel stock is up 26 cents, or about 1 percent, to $21.47 ahead of regular trading

Take your trash to Wal-Mart, get paid for it

| interns

Select Wal-Mart locations will install cash-for-trash machines

Google Earth leads to heroin ring bust

| interns

Police used images captured from Google Earth to arrest and indict seven member of an alleged heroin trafficking ring in North Williamsburg, NY

Obama: Pelosi is 'outstanding partner'

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Kanye West, Sanity East

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Nancy Pelosi: An unstable situation

Opinion | Ford O'Connell

American Catholic bishops to train more exorcists

US | admin

To fix the problem of too few exorcists, they're holding a conference with 50 bishops on Friday and Saturday

Groups compete to talk to House freshmen

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Tea Party Patriots accuses the RNC of staging a conference at the same time as one of their events to draw attendees away

For sale: Jewelry auctions of the rich and famous [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | The Daily Caller

Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren is auctioning off all of the jewelry Tiger ever gave her, sending a clear message that she is o-v-e-r him

Socialized mail service faces privatized loss?

US | interns

While the post office does not receive tax money it still must answer to Congress, which has been reluctant to close local post offices

Don't blame me!

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

'We didn't lose the election because of me,' ousted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims after unprecedented midterm election debacle

Earmarks already shaping 2012 campaign

Feature:Opinion | Rob Bluey

Lose weight with Twinkies

| interns

A Kansas University professor's 27 lb weight loss on a diet of Hostess snacks begs the question, is it what you eat or how much you eat that affects your weight?

Lakers have no defense for their first loss

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Shannon Brown, of all people, tried to keep the Lakers among the undefeated, but it all dissolved in front of an overjoyed Pepsi Center crowd, the Denver Nuggets dropping the Lakers on Thursday, 118-112