San Francisco mayor vetoes happy meal ban

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to keep the happy in Happy Meals.

As promised, Newsom vetoed on Friday legislation approved by the Board of Supervisors that would prohibit fast-food restaurants from giving away toys in kids meals sold in San Francisco unless they meet a strict set of nutritional standards of reduced calories, salt, fat and sugar, and also contain fruits and vegetables.

Despite Newsom’s opposition, the law may still end up on the books. The board passed it on an 8-3 vote Tuesday, the minimum needed to override a veto. An override vote has not been scheduled.

Full story: Mayor Gavin Newsom vetoes fast-food toy ban

  • southernandproud

    This Bd of Supervisors often show they are not the brightest bulbs in the chandeliers. Sounds like the mayor has some common sense.

  • riseabove

    Hey, Frosted Flakes…forget about the yo-yo’s and squirt guns. Better start putting oral sex “how-to” guides in them cereal boxes or you’ll be on the Liberal hit list, too.