Palin daughters are threatened, taunted in Facebook war

The Huffington Post reported Tuesday that 16-year-old Willow Palin “unloaded on [a] student” and “lashed out at multiple others” during a Facebook wall post war. But Palin was not the only Facebook user to throw out scathing insults.

Willow Palin is under immense media scrutiny and being dubbed “homophobic” by Gawker, a website that has made clear its unfavorable view of the Palin family, for describing one former schoolmate as “so gay” and a “faggot.”

TMZ obtained screenshots yesterday of the Facebook debate, which began when a Facebook user and former classmate of the Palin girls named Tre posted a status update that said, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska, is soo failing hard right now.” Willow Palin responded, “Don’t watch it dumb shit” and Bristol Palin wrote,  “You’re running your mouth just to talk shit .”

Tre replied with, “Willow, don’t make me count to three” and a boy name Matt wrote, “not as fat as Bristol … The only program I enjoyed from your family is Nailin’ Palin.”

It is around this point Willow jumped in to criticize those “friends” lashing out at her and her family, calling one, Matt, “s0 gay” and another, Tre, a “faggot.”

Tre went on to call Willow “hella ignorant” and say, “Your mom’s show sucks, just get over it. I’ll post whatever the f*ck I want about it on MY Facebook….& sorry Bristol, we can’ all live fail lives because you got pregnant when you were 17ha we all can’t get lucky and have our mom’s be the gov. and you getting on talk shows because your pre-marital sex.”

Toward the end of the spat, Matt wrote, directed at Bristol Palin, “B*tch if I remember right you were grabbin my a** in wrestling practice…I know I dont have a kid, maybe because I know what a f*cking condom is.”

The news outlets that have written about this story have attributed anti-gay views and bigotry to Willow Palin, a minor, but none have questioned Facebook user Matt’s comments calling the Palin daughters a slur for a prostitute.

Mario Ruiz, vice president of media relations at The Huffington Post, wrote in an e-mail to The Daily Caller, “Huffpost exercises caution when reporting on minors. In the case of the widely-reported remarks made by Willow Palin on her Facebook page, HuffPost editors considered Palin’s age as well as the story’s newsworthiness, in addition to her public profile, including her on-screen participation in a reality show, ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska,’ before deciding to cover and link to TMZ’s story.”

In January 2009, Tina Wells wrote a Huffington Post column condemning the dolls being made of Sasha and Malia Obama. Wells said of the Obama daughters, “They did not ask for the attention and shouldn’t have to maintain an image provided without their, or their parents’, approval…For the most part, President and Mrs. Obama have kept the girls out of the media’s reach, and a situation like this totally violates and exploits them.”

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  • Callie369

    OldMexican wrote: “The Huffington Post has lowered it’s standards of decency to the point of reporting on the Facebook comments of a 16 year old girl.”

    The Huffington Post cannot lower what it doesn’t possess, that being “standards of decency.”

    This OldAmerican writes: People who stoop to reading/writing on HP, also possess no “standards of decency.” Decency requires some intelligence in order to delineate between the decent and the indecent. That means the libbers who partake of HP are, for the most part, high school drop-outs, illiterates, illegal aliens, cradle-to-gravers, etc., I’m sure you get the jist, that are incapable of knowing the difference.

  • sunnyr

    Keep on sticking up for your family, Willow. And call a spade a spade. Screw political correctness!

  • thephranc

    Wow. I just read that whole thing and I must say I feel for the country if thats the level of English proficiency the youth of today have.

    • talibangelical

      Actually, the correct way to say that would have been “proficient English”.

      • truebearing

        Use your stupid suggestion in the context of thephranc’s comment. It would be retarded as hell. You aren’t qualified to give advice on grammar, syntax, diction, or anything else.

      • truebearing

        The Huffington Post is nothing more than a Soros sponsored smear machine, which is the only thing the leftist media knows how to do well. They are all Alinskyite reprobates with no talent and less integrity. Now the scum are making Facebook battles between teenagers front page stories. How pathetic, and desperate is that?

        Numerous people on the left have called people ni**rs, fag*ots, hymies, crackers, rednecks, etc., yet when Palin’s kids defend themselves and their mother from some foul mouthed losers that are eaten alive with jealousy, the Soros Slime attacks them.

        The left thinks it’s OK to attack teenagers, but I guess that is consistent with their belief that it is OK to kill babies and eliminate older Americans with death panels. There is nothing too low for the f**cking scum at the HuffPo, the Whitehouse, or Soros headquarters. These people are no different from the ruthless cutthroats of the Bolshevik revolution or Hitler’s Nazis. They are collectivist sociopaths.

      • thephranc

        I was right in the way I used the words I did. You have to remember that I am smarter than you you be a lot. Trying to correct me only makes you look like an idiot.

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  • OldMexican

    The Huffington Post has lowered it’s standards of decency to the point of reporting on the Facebook comments of a 16 year old girl.

  • riseabove

    Don’t the Palins get it?

    To be socially acceptable nowadays you have to have had abortions, sold or taken drugs, been on Welfare, robbed a Convenience Store, done hard time, stolen cars, smashed store windows and looted, experimented with homosexuality and/or engaged in some form of civil unrest.

    What’s up is down. What’s in is out. What’s forward is backwards. What’s right is wrong. Inside out. Upside down. Whatever.

    Ignoring the trolls reduces their influence. Don’t give them power.