Obama plans truce with Chamber

Moving to repair a deep rift with leading CEOs, President Barack Obama plans to speak at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event next month and the two sides are trying to work out details, White House and Chamber officials said Saturday.

The talks mark a dramatic rapprochement between the Chamber, which spent tens of millions of dollars in the midterm election to defeat Democrats, and the president, who openly criticized the “world’s largest business federation” for accepting contributions from undisclosed donors.

White House Deputy Communications Director Jen Psaki said: “Economic recovery is the most important goal for the president and working with all of the stakeholders — including the Chamber of Commerce — on export promotion, free and fair trade to grow the economy and create jobs is an important part of achieving that goal.”

The overture is the White House’s clearest move to the center since the Nov. 2 elections, when independents sides decisively with Republicans. Democratic officials said the White House is looking for a variety of ways to lower the temperature with CEOs, some of whom have complained about Obama’s agenda and the White House’s treatment of business.

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  • independentvoter

    the chamber is NOT dumb.. they know you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.. they need Obama to get his minions to approve the Bush tax cuts for those who make more than 250K.. they still have 2 more years with this idiot in charge.. NOW the thing I DON’T like is HOW MUCH of WHAT will it cost them?? It could be they will tell him IF he doesn’t approve ALL the tax cuts they will HOLD off on JOBS for another 2 years..because they simply can’t afford to hire at the rates taxes will be thus forcing Obama to do so..unless Obama gets some kind of jobs going he knows he will go down in history as a the president who caused a depression and the highest unemployment rate for the longest time in another words they will play to his EGO..

  • Sonny119

    LOL.. Please, Obama trying to mend fences with the US Chamber of Commerce, is like Hitler, trying to mend fences with the Jews..

  • lewfarge

    The C O C needs to tell the P O S to go F O !

  • righthere

    What a hypocrite !!!!

    If I were attending this event I would organize a post introduction, en-mass walkout !!

  • gringott

    If the Chamber agrees to anything with this stooge, they are the biggest suckers in history.

  • Donald Rouselle

    Apparently, This president doesn’t realize he’s already “burned that bridge”. Most of “Corporate America” is just riding this SOB out, and anxiously waiting for a President they KNOW they can work with. This is what you get, when you elect a socialist!

    • oc in nc

      The Fox in the hen house.We will wait him out.CAPITAL STRIKE. I will not bust my A** to pay for this man’s faults. The Chamber should STRIKE this meeting.

  • ojfl

    These people in the chamber are much smarter than that. They do not want speeches and will not trust president Obama again until he shows some results and willingness to help businesses. His regulatory overreach will not go unnoticed as well as his tax increases already passed.

  • El Presidente

    I hope they “lose” Comrade Obama’s teleprompters.

    Watching the messiah bumble through an address like that would be damn funny.

  • snappercat

    If the Chamber – or the American public – think Obama’s promises can be trusted, please recall the promises from stimulus or healthcare. Next go around, the Chamber will have only itself to blame.