Bigotry: The selective outrage of the gay left

For days now, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which holds itself out as the “largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization,” has shamefully used the issue of anti-gay bullying as part of a cheap political smear against former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. HRC, never shy about doing the bidding of the Democratic Party, issued a November 18th release blaring, “HRC to Sarah Palin: Two Days of Silence, Will You Speak Up?” Is this a release demanding Palin speak out about an issue of substance affecting gay people? No, this childish call-to-arms is about trash talk issued by a 16-year-old in a flame war on a social networking site.

The “controversy” surrounding inappropriate language used by the Palin daughters on Facebook shows again how selective the gay left is in expressing outrage over perceived “bigotry.”

Politicizing the serious issue of anti-gay bullying in order to score political points is morally reprehensible. Bristol apologized on behalf of herself and her younger sister — and that apology should be the end of the story, but it’s not because the real target of this faux outrage is Sarah Palin, a woman who represents an existential threat to both political machines.

No one is condoning the use of obscenities or derogatory terms, but no one who has seen the Facebook exchange in question can seriously claim this behavior had anything to do at all with “bullying.” It also has nothing to do with Willow Palin or the substance of what she wrote. Make no mistake; this is all about destroying Sarah Palin by friends of Obama and by any means necessary.

The irony here is stunning. The adults who run HRC are participating in a morally-reprehensible organized political hatchet job on a teenager all in the name of defending the victims of bigotry.

Nothing is sacred to these liberal foot soldiers, no one is seen as off limits — not even a 16-year-old girl, and even an issue as serious as anti-gay bullying and teen suicide is treated as nothing more than just another political hammer to be wielded against their perceived enemies.

The nature of the attacks on Palin reveals much about what motivates her critics. HRC’s press releases are ripe with misogynistic attacks on the Governor. HRC refers to the Governor as a “reality TV show star” — a transparent attempt to diminish Palin’s almost 20 years in politics. In a November 17th release, Joe Solmonese, the man at the helm of HRC, made a thinly veiled accusation that the Facebook exchange somehow showed Palin failed as a mother — “Anti-gay language by teenagers often starts at home…”

Actually, and unfortunately, “anti-gay” language often starts in the gay community and the type of language the Palin girls apologized for using is far too often celebrated within the community itself. A Google search reveals scores of pro-gay sites, t-shirts, coffee mugs and bumper stickers all proudly using the words “fag” and “dyke.” If HRC is serious about ending the use of these “slurs,” their press machine should be focused on the people who celebrate and profit off of these “slurs” rather than the children of a political opponent.

In the meantime, while the actions of a teenager on Facebook warrant days of over-the-top press releases from HRC, a blind eye is turned by the liberal Gay, Inc. to the growing threat of radicalized anti-gay, anti-women Islam.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Kang/518012133 Anthony Kang

    “Shameless and disgusting” double-standard. The world’s biggest understatement, but thanks for the great article nonetheless. And more to your point about homosexuals’ treatment in the Muslim world. http://www.jihadwatch.org/homosexuals/

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  • joep55weirdvibes

    Decent article showing how the left cherry-picks their battles and ignores some that aren’t political enough

    One flaw in the article: Netanyahu’s statements were VERY POLITICAL. He has every reason to find fault with Iran wherever he can find it. Criticizing Iran for its anti-gay stance is just a way of putting down Iran and at the same time appearing to be sympathetic to gay rights. With all Netanyahu has on his plate these days, I seriously doubt he spends any time worrying about the rights of gay people in Iran. So, it’s a little naive of you to use this as an example.

  • bigsigh

    There are some truly tragic incidents of all types of bullying in society today. I don’t for one minute condone bullying in any form. I think it should be condemned and those caught bullying should be punished. That said, in my opinion, we are creating a culture of victims. Bullying is not going away. Human nature is human nature. We, as the parents and adults, need to be supportive and teach our children how to be strong adults without becoming hysterical. I believe our society is canonizing the victims that have made the ultimate bad decision by taking their own lives. Where is the outrage with the act of suicide itself. I’m not a terribly religious person, however, I do believe our society is losing by rejecting many religious ethics. When suicide was looked at as a serious sin by the majority of our culture, kids would certainly have thought longer and harder about it being an option. Hardship is a part of life and I think we are failing to teach that to the next generation.

  • thephranc

    The word “gay” has been evolving for centuries. It hasn’t always meant homosexuals. Unlike many other words with set definitions “gay” will keep evolving.

    If I say “I’m going to suck a fag.” can any one tell me what that means?

    • Supernatural Witness

      It means you are going to smoke a cigarette. Yes I am old.

  • Sonny119

    Liberals, especially and particularly in the far left media, are the most vile, repugnant, repulsive, and disgusting, uncivilized human beings, next to the arab islamic mulsim extremists / terrorists, and their barbaric medieval sharia law, that has ever existed on Planet Earth.
    When have you ever seen any group of so called people, aka Liberals, ever attack innocent children the way they have, viciously, incessantly, and unmercifully, to the Palin Children.. NEVER… Not Chelsea Clinton, the Obama children, Reagan’s children, and especially not President JFK’s, and Sen. RFK’s children..
    No other Politicians children, in American History, has been such victims of such hatred and evil, from such hate mongering, vile far leftwing Liberal Deranged and Demented, Lunatic Obama-ite Facists in every media outlet and network.

  • des1

    …but no one who has seen the Facebook exchange in question can seriously claim this behavior had anything to do at all with “bullying.”

    Actually, the Left could absolutely claim it does. The off the cuff comments of a 16 year-old girl could easily be catastrophically traumatic to a Liberal, since that’s the age they stop maturing.

    • truebearing

      LOL!! Good point!

      Hamper’s development arrested a little earlier. I’m thinking somewhere in pre-pubescence.

      I have to go now, Hamper bullied me and I have no choice but to do myself in. I wonder if CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the alphabet soup will do specials, ad nauseam, over my being bullied to death. I guess it would be pointless to hold my breath….

      • truebearing


        Before I go, a horrifying thought occurred to me: Hamper doesn’t like me! What reason have I to go on……