Chavez responds to President Obama’s joke about visiting Venezuela, says he would ’embrace’ president and ‘eat socialist arepas’ with him

CARACAS, Venezuela — During his most recent blanket television broadcast, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez took the opportunity to embrace President Obama, inviting him to join him in the construction of a new world order.

Chávez was responding to President Obama’s recent quip about diverting Air Force One in order to pay Caracas a visit. Leaving a NATO summit in Portugal, the president joked, according to a tweet by CBS reporter Mark Knoller,  about having “AF-1 fly home via South America so he could visit Hugo Chavez.”

“Well, Obama, if you said that,” Chávez remarked, “we’ll receive you here. I’d shake your hand again.”

The Venezuelan leader, who has abolished term limits and shut down independent media outlets, praised Obama for his charisma and invited the president to come to Venezuela.

“I hope you’d land in Maiquetía [Venezuela’s main airport] one day,” Chávez remarked on live television. “We would embrace you, you know.”

Chávez went on, jovially stating that, were Obama to pay him a visit, both leaders would “sit down to talk, to eat socialist arepas,” a corn-based pancake popular in the country.

Chávez also insisted that his regime did not represent a threat to the United States.

“Break the stereotype,” Chávez said. “Don’t listen to those reports, which are filled with lies, saying we are a threat. No, Obama, let’s build a new world where we can all live in peace.”

WATCH: Chavez’s response in Spanish

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  • flips

    A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that a majority of Americans think incoming congressmen who campaigned against health care reform shouldn’t take the health care plan that the government provides to members of Congress. One-third say the members should accept the health care plan, while 53% say the members should decline it.

    The sentiment is strongest among independents, 56% to 27%, and Republicans, 58% to 28%. Even a plurality of Democrats, 46%, say the incoming members who opposed health care reform should decline their government plan, with 40% saying they should take it.

  • Tess_Comments

    Of course Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez would love to have President Obama join him in the construction of a new world order. He wants to show Obama some short cuts to destroying the USA.

    The USA needs to fight to keep independent media outlets open and functioning.

    NO to Socialism in the USA.

    • flips

      When you turn in your library, social security, and medicare cards, and promise to never drive on the interstate highways again, we will believe you are against “socialism.”

      Until then, you are just another leech, living off the system.
      Typical teabagger.

      • praxis7

        Flips, you haven’t a clue. Socialism is a system of social organization in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social control. The word can also mean the political movements aimed at putting that system into practice.

        Because “social control” may be interpreted in widely diverging ways, socialism ranges from statist to libertarian, from Marxist to liberal (the *real* liberal, not today’s statist progressive version).

        The term was first used to describe the doctrines of Charles Fourier, Henri de Saint-Simon, and Robert Owen, who emphasized noncoercive communities of people working noncompetitively for the spiritual and physical well-being of all (see utopian socialism). Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, seeing socialism as a transition state to pure communism – and we all know how well that works out.

        Socialism as decried by centrists, conservatives and liberatarians is of the Marxist/Engels variety that necessarily entails massive government control of citizens lives and the economy and whose methods and goals are anathema to our Constitution, culture and way of life.

        You can argue the cost/benefit value of interstate highways, Social Security and Medicare, but as originally implemented none are ‘socialist’ in the sense of the word that leads to a massively growing government increasingly regulating the economy and people’s lives.

        A nation of free people whose elected leaders create a nation-wide highway system *with the support of the people* in and of itself is not an example of slippery slope socialism.

        Creating a multi-trillion dollar “health care” system that dictates our behavior and mandates what was formerly a free choice, *against the will of the people* is most assuredly socialism of the Marxist/Engels variety.

        • flips

          You call it “socialism” if poor people might get access to healthcare.
          The tea party uses the word to shut down anything that smells of public good, especially for the poor.

          Yet you refuse to pull your kids out of state colleges, turn in your healthcare cards, or renounce the public services you enjoy.

          You got “your” government socialism, screw everyone else.

          That’s why young people hate this Party of Archie Bunkers.
          It’s the old and well-to-do against all future generations.

          • Liberty for All

            Then we agree, Pepe le Flip, I’ll give up my public welfare, and you’ll vote to abolish the IRS, and let me keep what I earn! We’ll let every one work for their keep, and I’ll give some away if I feel like it. Btw, Federal highways were built by Eisenhower to insure fast troop movement in the event of Soviet attack. Most libertarians think defense spending is a necessary public good.

          • praxis7

            Flips, you appear to be unable or unwilling to argue the merit of what you rant about so you resort to ad hominem attack.

            But it doesn’t change anything: I did not “call it “socialism” if poor people might get access to healthcare”. I happen to believe that a free market is a far better way to provide the best health care possible for everyone and that the government’s interfering and taking over our health care system (especially in the way it has chosen to do so) will be the biggest health and fiscal disaster in this nation’s history.

            And save the rant about health care being a free market now – it isn’t. Health care is the most heavily regulated service in our economy. Do you understand that every single dollar of premiums and every level of service of health insurance premiums have to be approved by at least one state agency sometimes multiple agencies before they can be offered in the marketplace? That is *not* a free market.

          • nolan

            You are an utter moron.
            To conflate socialism, ie: redistribution via healthcare and infrastructure spending such as highways is incredibly, almost dangerously ignorant.
            One is clearly defined as a power of the fed gov’t under that thing called the Constitution. The other always fails.
            “Future Generations”?!?!?! You’re concerned w/ future generations? Take a look at the former Soviet SOCIALIST republics and tell me the progeny of those programs are better off.
            I’d gladly opt-out of SSI, it’s a Ponzi scheme the likes of which landed Madoff in jail. I don’t have that choice, now do I? Medicare? Yeah…end it. The fed gov’t has no business in such things and can’t run it properly. States should be, if not local charities.
            I’m not gonna’ go much further ‘cuz it’s plainly evident you’re a dyed-in-the-wool useful idiot.

      • oc in nc

        Flips,when you turn over your passport,renounce your citizenship,and move to Venezuela never to return,we will believe you are against freedom.Until then you are a leech living off capitalism.

        • praxis7

          oc in nc, I think we both know ‘flips’ is incapable of getting it.

          He is so deluded by a self-enforced ignorance of socio-economic realities that when challenge he will resort to ever more insipid rants and ad hominem attacks taken directly from the clue-free echo chamber of the all too heavily populated airhead wing of the progressive movement.

          He is more than willing to live in the greatest capitalist-created economy in the world while spitting at it. Because, like most liberals, he knows that he can get away with it and that there will be no real consequences to his pathetically dumb pronouncements.

          It’s hilarious: There is nothing stopping flip or all the other liberals who screech about tax cuts and such from paying 50%, 60% or more in taxes to the government – but do any of them do it? Not a chance. And as this administration has shown even their leaders (Tim “Turbo Tax” Geithner for example) aren’t willing, or don’t understand how to even pay their fair share.

          Sad and pathetic isn’t it?

          • oc in nc

            It is pathetic,I would suggest to Flips a brilliant book called Liberty & Tryanny by Mr.Mark Levin or a copy of a little thing called the constitution it may enlighten him or maybe not, this poor soul seems lost to say the least.