Texas US Rep. Ortiz concedes defeat to Republican

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Democratic Texas Congressman Solomon Ortiz has conceded defeat to Republican newcomer Blake Farenthold.

Ortiz’s concession came late Monday, after a South Texas recount confirmed he had lost a House seat he held for nearly three decades.

The 73-year-old congressman said that although he hadn’t seen official results, he believed he picked up about 150 votes in the recount — but still lost to Farenthold by about 650.

Farenthold is the former owner of a computer consulting business and a self-described “sidekick” on local talk radio. He received strong support from tea party activists in a district that stretches from Corpus Christi on the Gulf Coast to Brownsville on the border with Mexico.

  • sbintexas


    Since they couldn’t win on substance, Ortiz and the Dems tried the usual tired old bag of tricks. But this time it didn’t work. This district is 90% hispanic and I can confirm that the Tea Partiers here are just like anywhere else, they want spending under control (and they don’t like being called racists).

  • gringott

    Bye-bye leftist. By the way, RINOs, pay attention – when you vote like Democrats, we will be coming after you. Pay attention Kay B-H – time for you to retire to the ranch?

  • John

    Congratulations Blake Farenthold!

    Another Democrat bites the dust.

    Now the Republicans need to watch out for the RINOS and the ones worse than RINOS like Fred Upton and Joe Barton who are vying for the Energy and Commerce Committee chair a very important position.

    Both Upton and Barton have terrible voting records, they might as well be Democrats. Look them up on the internet.

    A different Republican needs to step up for the position otherwise the Republicans are going in the wrong direction and it’s not with the people.

    I won’t be voting Republican if either one Upton or Barton gets the post for the Energy and Commerce Committee.

    • sbintexas

      Never give up.