Today’s Top 10: Songs for JFK [SLIDESHOW]

Today is the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Honoring the memory of the popular president once hailed as American’s own King of Camelot, The Delaware County Daily Times has put together a list of the top 10 songs inspired by JFK.

Enjoy them on this day of memory:

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  • tinteardrop
  • RuthenianCowboy

    If you want something with a… DARKER… edge, The Misfit’s “Bullet” is your song.

  • RuthenianCowboy

    Saxon FTW!

  • iEatMedia

    anyone remember the song “life in a northern town” by Dream Academy?
    not entirely about JFK, but with the one line referring to him and the general somber mood of the song, it creates a reflective tone and makes me ponder the world in which my parents lived as young adults and the loss of innocence they would soon witness

    A Salvation Army band played
    And the children drank lemonade
    And the morning lasted all day,
    All day
    And through an open window came
    Like Sinatra in a younger day,
    Pushing the town away

    They sat on the stoney ground
    And he took a cigarette out
    And everyone else came down
    To listen.
    He said “In winter 1963
    It felt like the world would freeze
    With John F. Kennedy
    And the Beatles.”

    The evening had turned to rain
    Watch the water roll down the drain,
    As we followed him down
    To the station
    And though he never would wave goodbye,
    You could see it written in his eyes
    As the train rolled out of sight

    Ah hey ma ma ma
    Life in a northern town….

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  • masanf

    I knew Dion’s “Abraham, Martin and John” would be the first song listed before I even clicked on the link. That song is so sappy and terrible it boggles my mind that it is always listed as a great song on multiple lists.