Predictably, Tea Party members deny a conspiracy to help Bristol Palin on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

In the wake of a disappointing midterm election, left-leaning publications have trained their eyes on a sure target: conspiracy theories involving a television show, a grassroots political movement and a 20-year-old girl.

Perhaps tired of declaring Tea Partiers racist, gun-crazed crackers out to destroy democracy in America, publications like Jezebel, CBS, Technorati, a bi-polar Salon and even the Christian Science Monitor have all wondered aloud: Is there a Tea Party Conspiracy to keep the broken-left-footed Bristol Palin on “Dancing with the Stars” via rigged voting during elimination time?

Sure, there is political pundit Tammy Bruce’s “Operation Bristol,” although it probably has as much actual influence as the Gay Mafia or an A.M. radio personality. Jezebel, too, noted that “there’s no denying that conservatives have been pushing for votes for Bristol, using blogs and Twitter to start a movement.”

But is there really a Tea Party conspiracy?

“We’ve got nothing up on our public side [encouraging people to vote for Bristol], but it might be up on the shadow site,” said the Tea Party Express’ Levi Russell, who asked to remain anonymous because of the conspiracy’s malicious intent. “You have to have a special log-in for that one.”

Russell was either kidding, or he used the second-oldest trick in the conspirator’s handbook: deflating a ridiculous theory by owning up to it.

“Personally, I think it’s high time,” he said. “If it’s true, it’s the first time that any of the conspiracies I’ve heard about in the last 10 years have actually had an impact.”

Other Tea Party leaders who spoke to The Daily Caller, however, stuck to the conspirator’s first rule: deny, deny, deny.

“I can tell you that among the people I’ve talked to, nobody participating in a conspiracy or call-in in fact at the Tea Party Nation, it’s not even a topic of conversation,” said Judson Phillips.

Phillips said his organization has “more important things to do right now then mess with a TV show,” although he wouldn’t say if that was code for helping the wealthy Koch brothers build a slave army.

“Honestly, I heard she was on DWTS but that was the only thing I heard,” said Michael Kinzie, who helps organize groups nationally and operates an online Tea Party swag store. “It never came up in any party meetings. I’ve been all over Texas … not a mention.”

Dale Robertson of TeaParty.org also tried to hide the truth.

“Not our site,” he said. “I don’t know any Tea Party site that’s done anything to show support of Bristol Palin.”

In fact, it was difficult for TheDC to nail down the potential players in a plot to destroy the wholesome experience of TV voting. They kept wanting to talk about other issues.

“This is just more intrusion of government power,” said Robertson, who mistook a 5th question about the Tea Party conspiracy for a question about the recent coverage of the TSA’s free hernia exams.

Peterson said his group — which, as a whole, has been eerily silent on the Bristol conspiracy — is focused on extending the Bush tax cuts as well as the potential passage of the DREAM Act. As for the Tea Party Express, Russell an unidentified source said the group has been reaching out to soon-to-be freshman congressmen.

“When shows on network TV don’t take up our time, we are constantly pushing our agenda for limited government and more responsible spending,” he said.

DWTS is “probably one of our least concerns,” said Kinzie. “I just came back from a leadership summit in San Antonio, and there are two priorities: getting ride of [Texas House Speaker] Joe Strauss [and] one of my pet peeves is S-510 [the Food Safety Modernization Act].”

  • talibangelical

    Good, now they concentrate on watching Boehner, Paul, Bacheman, etc. vote to raise the debt ceiling and defend ear marks.

  • gadsdengurl

    Tea party people are far too intelligent to even watch that stupid show. Who cares?

  • PolyIndependent

    Oh my god who cares. It’s a LAME show populated by morons.

  • diamndgirl

    Trix is for Kids…and this is what all of this BS amounts to.

  • kingfish

    More reading material on the Bushes/Clintons/Obama at http://www.worldreports.org
    The British author, Christopher Story, was naming names. He was murdered on July 14, 2010 after being poisoned in the U.S. His last article on July 10, 2010 named Bush Sr. and Cheney as putting out a hit on him. Bush Sr. is still connected to Langley CIA, which is named after him. The last article (July 10) was removed from website but can be found in its entirety at http://www.rumormillnews.com (click on Reading Room and SEARCH for it).

  • kingfish

    This is just another liberal name-calling campaign. SLANDER is their modus operendi.
    It makes you wonder why they are SO TERRIFIED of Palin. I imagine the Palins have enough friends and associates of their own to vote in this poll, without accusing the ENTIRE TEA PARTY of rigging it. How much more RIDICULOUS can they get?

    First, NONE of the Tea Parties have ever chosen Palin for ANYTHING. She, like many others, have spoken at the rallies, and she purports to have many of the same beliefs.

    HOWEVER, Palin consistently uses the Illuminati hand signals at her speeches. Some say she was in the MK-Ultra mind control program with Kissinger as her handler, as was Patsy Ramsey. Why would people AVERSE to the 2-party “POWERS THAT BE” want to choose someone connected with them. WE’VE HAD ‘ENOUGH’ OF THAT ALREADY with Hillary, Bill, the Bushes, and Obama. Actually, the Bushes and Clintons planned to take turns occupying the White House for 32 years – Bush Sr, Bill, Bush Jr, Hillary (and then probably Jeb). Bush Sr lost 4 yrs, then Obama snuck in there, but HILLARY IS NOW ON THE WARPATH FOR THE JOB (despite what she says), and it’ll take all we can do to keep her out.

    Has anyone watched the hundreds of youtubes on “Bush +Clinton +CIA drugs”? And now Obama has the NERVE to give Bush Sr the Medal of Freedom? He should be jailed instead. Read “America’s Super Secret War Criminal” or “Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty” or “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton”

    • kingfish

      You can read the book reviews at Amazon.com even if you don’t read the books.

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  • oeno

    The actual conspiracy is that a show like this is on primetime network television. They’ve given up actually writing shows you’d like to watch, leaving that to their basic cable brethren that are usually owned by the same company. Just sad.

  • gooners

    Palin on DWTS reminds me of the Vonnegut story “Harrison Bergeron”.