Alaska native status gave tiny, inexperienced firm a $250 million Army contract

In summer 2008, the U.S. military had a major problem. More than 2,400 service members had reported being sexually assaulted the previous year, and the number was rising. Congress wanted immediate action.

The Army responded by reaching out to a tiny firm in Delaware.

It was an unlikely choice for such a sensitive task. The year before, United Solutions and Services, known as US2, had just three employees and several small contracts for janitorial services and other work. It was based in a four-bedroom colonial, where the founder worked out of his living room.

But the firm had one quality the Army prized: It was co-owned by an Alaska native corporation (ANC) and therefore could receive federal contracts of any size without competition, under special set-aside exemptions granted by Congress to help impoverished Alaska natives.

Full Story: Alaska native status gave tiny, inexperienced firm a $250 million Army contract

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Johan-David-Baumeister/770335407 Johan David Baumeister

    In another world, this headline might read, “European colonist status gave tiny, illegal settlement the right to rape and pillage native lands for two centuries.”

  • junkmaninohio

    The community organizer from Chicago could give you some real tips on how that’s done.

  • Koala

    Wasn’t her daddy behind the “road to nowhere”? Didn’t Palin stop the “road to nowhere” angering those elite Republicans? Hummm

    • Koala

      This is in response to phillipjames comment.

  • RobR

    Lie through your teeth? Hey it worked for Obama.

  • diamndgirl

    Infuriating, interesting and was done by WaPo, I’d have to take more time to learn much more, we have a real mess in the Swamp of DC, I don’t know that I’ll ever live to see the day it is truly drained, but it’s pretty doubtful.


  • philipjames

    what a scam… all they are doing is using “native” to get contracts without bidding and then just giving the work to large companies that do that work anyway. The front white man gets a 49% cut of some of it and the natives get just a little bit of the money for letting them do this…. no natives are employed in this at all.
    And, guess who contributed most of the money to Lisa Murkowski in her write-in campaign? native corporations like this under the direction of the large companies
    And, guess who voted almost 100% for Lisa Murkowski and had the chiefs organize getting out every single vote for her? the Alaska natives in the villages around Alaska.

    Guess who has a hand in directing Federal money into Alaska to help these Native Corporations?? Lisa Murkowski
    And guess who is bitching that she should be declared winner before Jan. 8 so she can be sworn in and not lose her seniority on the House Appropriations Committee??? Gee, its Lisa Murkowski again.

    Do you see a pattern of corruption here?