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FDA on verge of increasing power over small farmers - TheDC

SB 510 would allow the FDA to mandate that a company recall a food product it suspects is infected

Lemonade Lessons: Do unions hurt good teachers?

The teaching profession needs performance pay.

Republicans must focus on the economy

The GOP will be better able to address social issues once the debt and economy are addressed.

Armed student takes hostages at a high school in Wisconsin - AP

An emergency management official in Wisconsin says an armed student has taken hostages inside a high school classroom in Marinette

Christopher Colombowicz - Daily Mail

The conventional wisdom relating to Christopher Columbus is under threat after academics concluded the explorer was actually a Polish immigrant

My TSA pat-down

The TSA’s pat-downs are aggravating, humiliating and discouraging.

Taxpayer funded museum displaying ant-covered Jesus, 'homoerotic' art - CNS News

The federally funded National Portrait Gallery is currently showing an exhibition that features images of an ant-covered Jesus, male genitals, and naked brothers kissing

Pence: I might run for president - AP

The third-ranking Republican in the U.S. House says he’ll decide after Jan. 1 whether to run for president

Facebook gets face time with former prez - TheDC

George Bush says he has ‘had enough of fame’ in interview with Facebook founder

What you should know about The King's Speech's King George VI - People

He’s played by Colin Firth in the new film The King’s Speech, but what was King George VI – Prince William and Harry’s great-grandfather – really like?

John Kerry calls for Israel to cede Golan Heights and East Jerusalem - FP

Kerry told Qatari leaders that the Golan Heights should be returned to Syria and that a Palestinian capital should be established in East Jerusalem

Palin slams Obama for 'incompetent handling' of WikiLeaks - TheDC

Sarah Palin questioned the administration’s urgency of response to the latest WikiLeaks report

Hoyer: Military should also see pay freeze - The Hill

Don't freak out about rising sea levels

Don’t worry: New York City isn’t going to be underwater anytime soon.

48% of Republicans think Palin could beat Obama - PPP

Only 28% of voters in the country think that Palin is capable of defeating Barack Obama while 60% think she is not and 12% aren’t sure

No love for the mayor - TheDC

Bloomberg disliked across the political spectrum

Tea Party, greens unite against ethanol tax credit - The Hill

Chu: China's lead on energy tech is the new Space Race - TheDC

Energy Secretary calls for increased government support of energy technology, calls competition with China America’s new ‘Sputnik moment’

Ghanaian woman burned to death after 'witch' suspicions ensued - The Guardian

A Ghanaian woman was reportedly tortured into confessing she was a witch and then killed, sparking condemnation from Ghanaian human rights groups

The future of education is already here

American education will not be improved by tinkering at the margins of what we have always done.