Pence touts flat tax in economic address

(CNN) – One of the top Republicans in the House wants to overhaul the country’s tax code and implement a flat tax.

Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, who may make a bid for the next GOP presidential nomination, will say “the time has come for Congress and this administration to take bold action to simplify our tax system and lower people’s taxes,” according to excerpts from a speech he will deliver in front of the Detroit Economic Club Monday afternoon.

“The best option, the most pro-growth option is a flat tax. I believe it is time that America adopted a flat tax and scrapped the current system once and for all,” Pence will say.

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  • bigsigh

    He would get my vote.

  • talibangelical

    This I totally support! I don’t like most of his positions, but this one is a real winner and will get him traction across the board. Problem is corporations will never go for it — they pay next to nothing now and will make sure he does not win. Will be interesting to see how the corporate spending unleashed by Citizens United will work against some Republicans.

  • diamndgirl

    Pence for Prez!

    Pence/Bolton ’12

  • politicsisdirty

    A very good idea.

    • Satchmo

      A flat tax is a horrible idea and is burdensome for lower incomes. Ridiculous.

      The only tax plan that the GOP should embrace is the FairTax.