Christian group has plea ignored by Apple, begins petition to reinstate app

The Christian organization that had its iPhone app removed from Apple’s App Store thanks to gay rights activists is now utilizing the LGBT community’s banning strategy to get the app reinstated.

The Manhattan Declaration organization asks followers to sign a lengthy document, also called the Manhattan Declaration, that  “speaks in defense of the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty.” The Manhattan Declaration App, which had been available since October, asked readers to answer a “survey” before encouraging users to sign the petition and pass it on to virtual friends.

Gay rights activists, however, derided the declaration as “gay-hating” and “homo-hostile,” although no bigoted language can be found in the document. After circulating an online petition and delivering it to Apple, the company quietly took down the app late last week.

Now, after sending several letters (one of which is available to the public) to Apple requesting the app be reinstated and getting no response from the company, the Manhattan Declaration has begun its own petition drive.

“We’re asking people to — in a very respectful, kind manner — e-mail [Apple CEO] Steve Jobs and ask that app be reinstated, or to call Apple itself,” Michelle Farmer, the Manhattan Declaration spokeswoman told The Daily Caller. “We’re also them to go to the Manhattan Declaration and to sign the petition.”

According to a statement Farmer released on Tuesday night, Apple representatives said the company took down the app because it was “offensive to large groups of people.”

That large group of people was little less than 8,000 gay rights activists who signed the original petition, according to

So if sheer numbers is all it takes to change Jobs’ mind, the Manhattan Declaration petition may not be a Hail Mary.

“We already have in excess of 478,000 people who have signed the Manhattan Declaration itself,” said Farmer, who didn’t want to speculate on how many might sign the new petition.

Farmer said the Manhattan Declaration is banking on the benevolence of Jobs in having the app reinstated. The groups only goal is to have the app back up and running so that like-minded Christian technophiles can enjoy the iPhone as well

“We’ve been told that Steve Jobs is very open-minded; that he does not like to try to squelch debate,” said Farmer. “He very much wants open debate of the issues, that’s all we ask for in allowing the app to stay on the site. We’re saying, if you don’t agree with it, then just don’t use it.”

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  • shadow_man

    To those christians whining about censorship. Your church censors gay marriage and articles pertaining to gays and lesbians within your newspapers and church. What you’re saying is that censorship is ok when christians do it, but not ok when everyone else does it. See the hypocrisy once again? Stop pushing your views on everyone else and mind your own business.

    • rockhard

      Yes you right most churches don’t believe in gay marriage, so whats your problem ? Obama doesn’t believe in gay marriage either, is he a hater now ? nor does Hilary, or VP Biden, all liberals oppose gay marriage..

      Homosexuals could never Equal to straight marriages, you see straight couples could have children something gays could never have, why because its just not natural for people of the same sex to be united as a couple..

      its a big fail. its no more normal then people have sex with animals just because they can. if i was you I would stop and started living the way your were meant to live, straight with a women and having children…

      • jonavark

        Rock… they’re just gay. Not sick. Been with us since the beginning of time. For all you know, being with a woman may feel just as wrong as you being with a guy.

        They didn’t disobey the orders of a church or a religion.. they’re just gay. Not being members of any particular church they deserve no scorn, no retribution or persecution because of that.

        Gays are getting flack now for their intolerance, as a few of our resident militant gays routinely display. Not for being gay. For being hateful, rude, selfish brats.

        • scorpioman

          Quite frankly I won’t stop shoving my gay agenda down throats of haters till I get the equality I deserve as an American. I really don’t care who doesn’t like it.

          Jonavark, you’re so hypocritical to stand up for gays without recognizing my reason for living is exactly that.

          • jonavark

            scorp.. you’re too confused and full of H8 (lol) to merit any considerable response. I don’t stand up for anyone.

          • jonavark

            without recognizing my reason for living

            lol! Not my place to recognize your reason for living. Don’t care.