Recently elected GOP governors slam Washington during visit to U.S. Capitol

Washington, D.C. may have its flaws, but after listening to the Republican governors-elect who visited the city this week, you’d think the place was built by the decedents of displaced exiles from Sodom and Gomorrah.

Speaker-in-waiting Rep. John Boehner of Ohio invited about a dozen of the newly elected governors to the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday, and when given the chance, they gave the city on the Potomac a good old-fashioned tongue lashing.

“Our children are being held hostage,” said a fiery Ohio governor-elect John Kasich in reference to the expanding federal debt. “If we have to be responsible and balance our books, they better get their books in order in Washington.”

Whether it be the health care law, the stimulus, or the possibility that federal tax rates will spike in 2011, these governors-to-be unloaded round after round on the federal government — and the Washington culture that enabled it like a bartender who doesn’t know when to tell the drunk to call it a night.

According to these future governors, the keys should have been taken away a long time ago.

“We have seen through the stimulus package that federal intrusion doesn’t work,” said South Carolina Governor-elect Nikki Haley. “We have higher unemployment. We have more debt. We have deficits in our states. Stop. Get out of the way, let the states handle it. For the federal government to be so arrogant as to think that they know what’s best for our states is wrong for the people of this country.”

Like a mama grizzly that will claw your face off the minute you get between her and her cubs, Haley wants Washington to keep its fingers out of the Palmetto State.

“We want them to get out of the way,” she said. “That’s what we want.”

Knocking the nation’s capital has long been a national pastime in America, and the governors-elect are in good company. President John F. Kennedy called it the city of “northern charm and southern efficiency”; President Harry S. Truman quipped that if you want a friend in Washington, “get a dog”; and nearly everyone in the history of modern American politics has hired someone with an ominous voice to utter the phrase, “Washington is broken” for a YouTube ad.

It was apparent during their visit to D.C. that the future governors have made the timeless act of mocking and blaming Washington an art form.  To them, the town is little more than a roadblock that exists just to make their jobs more difficult.

  • soundcall

    These governors need to realize one thing. Government is for the people, not for them.
    They are showing their arrogance and not even sworn in yet. They just don’t care.

    The teapublicians really don’t know what they want anyway. A lot pf people in it just for the ride.

  • soundcall

    These conservative governors caused many of the problems we have.

    Remember Pete Wilson pushed legislation that allowed illegals in the country in the first place. They were supposed to do the general low pay work, then return to Mexico. Now we are overrun by illegals (at 12 million strong), and they want to blame the liberal side for their actions.

    And face the facts. Most are in just for the ride (except Meg Whitman, even her own party drew the line with her).

    A real bumpy ride ahead.

    • The_anniebanannie

      You blame “These conservative governors” and then list one – Pete Wilson. Really? You mean the California governor who inherited a horrible economic disaster and then left office with a huge surplus?

      Who are all these other “governors” you’re blaming?


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  • diamndgirl

    Job well done Gov Kasich!

  • taz

    Actions speak louder than words. Tired of talking tough and all that good stuff. Most of these folks talk a good game during the election cycle than regress when they get in office. Until I see them take the necessary steps to right this ship I’m a pessimist.

  • loudog

    One thing that would help is for all states to stop relying on the Federal printing press to balance their budgets, including the leading tax taking ‘Red States’.