Facebook founder joins 15 billionaires in pledge to give away wealth

The billionaire founder of social network Facebook Inc. has agreed to give the majority of his wealth to charity, part of a broader group of rich entrepreneurs committing to philanthropy earlier in their lives.

Mark Zuckerberg has signed onto the “Giving Pledge,” which asks its signatories to commit publicly to give away the majority of their wealth.

The 26-year-old is one of 16 billionaires new to the pledge, which now totals more than 50 donors. New names include AOL co-founder Steve Case, investor Carl Icahn and former junk-bond king Michael Milken.

They join existing pledges made by wealthy individuals and families including Oracle Corp. founder Larry Ellison, film director George Lucas and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Full story: 16 Tycoons Agree to Give Away Fortunes

  • politicsisdirty

    It will be better if they create jobs instead.

    • jondos

      That is the best point to date. It is much easier to “give a man a fish” than it is to “teach that man to fish”. Great point my friend.

  • kbull

    All you rich guys might not do things exactly like I would, but I want to say thank you very much!
    Very nice!
    To anybody that says otherwise I would say “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

  • jondos

    Who cares? When people have to announce how wonderful and philanthropic they are I turn away. The real test of character is how someone behaves when NO ONE is looking! They could have given millions and millions of dollars away with nary a word about it, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. All this fanfare is quite self indulgent, which gives credibility to the belief that they are donating for their own gratification rather than to actually help others.

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  • Joe Astroturf

    These guys are Giants amongst us. Bill Gates once released mosquitoes to show how the poor around the world are getting malaria. Didn’t mention how DDT would have saved 60 million but that’s just a minor detail. (Dubai Mike) Bloomberg must be making a lot of money selling Israel and the people who died at Ground Zero down the tubes. I wonder when they get their Mosque and start stoning 13 year old brides married to guys as old as him if they’ll give him a concession rights.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    Baucus is threatening insurance companies Obama the CBO
    Medicare Advantage and free speech is about to go
    He’d rather see people in our forts , planes and La liberty building die
    then to see a muslim terrorist get water in his eye
    All the insane and pervert czars and the communist ones too
    are surprised how easily they took us without even a coup

    Hey guys if you fought at the Khe San
    when they stop giving your wife her meds and her last breath comes over her face
    you’ll find comfort knowing some illegal or Gitmo detainee will gladly take her place.