Ryan: ‘We’re going to cut spending’

The incoming House Budget Committee chairman said Sunday that Republicans are going to get to work cutting spending in order to cut the deficit in the next Congress.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” said that the first order of business will be doing “what the Democrats didn’t do. We’re going to cut spending.”

“I find it sort of interesting that after this massive spending spree that took place over the last two years, the creation of two new health care entitlements, now there’s concern about deficits when they have a chance of raising taxes,” he said, stressing that the majority of the tax deal was about keeping rates where they are, but panning the other $313 billion in spending add-ons.

Full story:  Ryan raring to go after spending: ‘Spending cuts, controls, reforms’ – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

  • libertyatstake

    We’re counting on it, Representative.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • sunnyr

    Vote NO on this TAX BILL. Throw out everything except the extension of Unemployment Benefits BUT this is getting VERY OLD and they should do away with those 99’r slacker creeps who are still sitting on their butts instead of find a lesser job to tide them over. I’ve done it in a 10% unemployment invironment during my lifetime.

    The PORK that the Dims are piling on is not going to be accepted by the people who want them to STOP SPENDING and reduce the size of government.

  • matedeirdre

    I think Paul Ryan himself is serious about cutting spending and will propose big spending cuts, its whether the rest of the Republican leadership will go along.

  • sharinlite

    Is Paul for real? You guys just handed the progressives almost a trillion dollar bail out again!! The “rich” portion is small potatoes. What are you thinking? Vote NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!

  • savage24

    You ain’t going to cut spending by compromising with the democrats to spend more. The election is over, it’s business as usual. I can see 2012 from my front porch!

  • mikeyh0

    It ain’t going to happen. The frog is dead.

  • loudog

    “We’re going to cut spending”…but only on things America needs, not on the $trillion/yr global police budget, someone needs to defend Europe.

    • Against_Obama

      America doesn’t need more welfare.

      • loudog

        Who said anything about more welfare? How much of a tax increase will you accept to fund the $2 billion/week rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan and the defense of Europe?