GOP tax deal proves Republicans haven’t learned anything

Nothing changes so much as it stays the same. The Democrats continue to be relentless in their determination to destroy this country, and Republicans, despite just coming off an historic electoral victory nationwide, still don’t get it.

It would be impossible to imagine under normal circumstances that Democrats in Congress, having gone through what they have for the past two years, do not yet have their facts straight. They still are mired in the rhetoric of the past, and apparently are determined to remain there.

Following the Republican “deal” with President Obama on the expiring Bush tax cuts, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (the only Democrat politician honest enough to identify his true political ideology) said:

Republican colleagues want huge tax breaks for the richest people in this country, but the reality is that the top one percent already — today — owns more wealth than the bottom 90 percent,” he said. “How much more do they want? When is enough enough? You want it all?

Just for the record, let’s put the facts on the table. I hate having to do this! The following facts should be burned into the consciousness of every single Republican in Congress by now — and elsewhere for that matter (forget the Democrats; they’ve never been troubled by facts). Republicans should be smashing the airwaves with these facts. Yet we rarely even hear them from the supposedly “smart” ones. This is the absurd reality of politics in the 21st century, so here, once again, are the facts:

  1. Nobody is getting a tax cut by extending current law. We are simply maintaining the current tax structure. It gets us nothing and costs us nothing. Get that through your head because Obama has referred to tax cuts, Republicans have referred to tax cuts, and Sanders, cited above, has referred to tax cuts, as have many other Democrats. How is it that Republicans so easily fall into the Democrats’ lexicon trap? Nobody is getting a tax cut by extending Bush-era tax law!
  2. Those of us who pay taxes already pay way too much. The embarrassingly mindless, simpering idiot we have for a vice president, Mr. “F-you” Biden, demanded that the “rich” be “patriotic…be part of the deal.” Democrats say so many stupid things, if Republicans just capitalized on one-tenth of them there would not be a Democrat in office. But Republicans still don’t get it. So here it is. Pay attention!

–  The top 1 percent of income earners pay about 40 percent of all income taxes. That is almost half of all income taxes collected in the US, Mr. Biden, you plagiarizing, knuckle-dragging half-wit! Exactly how patriotic do they need to be?

The top 5 percent of income earners pay about 60 percent of all income taxes. That is over half of all income taxes collected in the U.S., Mr. Sanders, you slimy, blood-sucking vampire! What do you want, more blood?

– The top 10 percent of income earners pay about 70 percent of all income taxes. That is almost three-quarters of all income taxes, Democrats, you self-serving, corrupt parasites! Exactly how much of the deal do you want? Is there any left???

– The bottom half of income earners pay only 2.7 percent. How much more can we give them?

See all of this and more in the table provided below by the Tax Foundation. How much do they get from the trial lawyer lobby for telling the truth, I wonder? Not much, I bet.

Summary of Federal Individual Income Tax Data, 2008 (Updated October 2010)
Number of Returns with Positive AGI AGI ($mil.) Income Taxes Paid ($mil.) Group’s Share of Total AGI Group’s Share of Income Taxes Income Split Point Average Tax Rate
All Taxpayers 139,960,580 8,426,625 1,031,512 100% 100% 12.24%
Top 1% 1,399,606 1,685,472 392,149 20% 38% $380,354 23.27%
Top 5% 6,998,029 2,926,701 605,718 35% 59% $159,619 20.70%
Top 10% 13,996,058 3,856,462 721,421 46% 70% $113,799 18.71%
Top 25% 34,990,145 5,678,179 890,614 67% 86% $67,280 15.68%
Top 50% 69,980,290 7,352,111 1,003,639 87% 97% >$33,048 13.65%
Bottom 50% 69,980,290 1,074,514 27,873 13% 3% <$33,048 2.59%
Source: Internal Revenue Service