Visiting the sessions at the liberal activists’ RootsCamp

SESSION 3 – “Humor Sells: Using Comedy to Get Your Message Out & Reach A New Audience’ & ‘How To Make .Gov .Awesome”

When in doubt, humor’s the safe bet, which is why the “Humor Sells” session seemed like a good idea. At the time.

TheDC failed to notice that it would be run by the women from Emily’s List. The pro-choice PAC is ruthlessly dedicated to pushing Democratic female candidates. More importantly, they’re not funny. Perhaps it’s their bitterness toward Republican chicks getting so much attention lately. It probably has nothing to do with any latent spinster attributes. Either way, the unfunny Lister Sisters were showing their unfunny “Sarah Palin Doesn’t Speak For Me” video that featured bears in women’s costumes.

The “humor” session was not only not funny because Emily’s List is not funny. The humor was also not funny because the Lister Sisters stopped the 86-second video midway through, at which point one of them began to explain how funny the next unfunny joke was going to be. More unfunny than that, she explained the unfunny joke to the audience. The un-funniest part of this entire “unconference” was when another Lister Sister said to the audience, “It was funny, right?”

TheDC wasn’t sold.

What was actually funny was both the title and conversation of “How To Make .Gov .Awesome.” There were RootsCampers in there are saying stuff like “one of the things that’s interesting about working in the government …” and ” Openness is what we’re dedicated to,” and “I think the Open Government Initiative is remarkable.” It was hilarious.

All the young, hip, government employees were genuinely exciting to watch. They were ambitious, they cussed, they sounded like they were trying to get things done. It was like hackers hanging out at the bar after spending all day showing grandpa how to plug in the Internet (“No Pop-Pop, you can’t break it”).

They were enjoying themselves and cracking computer jokes TheDC didn’t get. They said they were “breaking down barriers” and it was easy to believe them. Maybe it’s not Republicans, Democrats, or Progressives that suck. Maybe it’s just old people.