Visiting the sessions at the liberal activists’ RootsCamp

Session 4 – “Koch Brothers: Funding the Tea Party and Stealing our Democracy. How we fight back”

There is one group that really did suck at the RootsCamp: Tea Partiers. This session was the only one TheDC showed up for early and jockeyed for a front-row seat. The session’s leaders spent a better part of 3 minutes laying out The Koch Brothers’ entire evil plan, noting that “they’ve given $250 million … that we know of.”

The Koch Brothers, it’s been well-documented, have their hands in numerous cookie jars. (Full disclosure: At least four Daily Caller staffers once worked at Koch-funded organizations. Four that we know of.)

Then things at the Koch session got weird. The Tea Party et al, it seems, is very good at making “shiny objects” for which they attract undue media attention. This media attention only fuels the group, giving them even more attention and allows them to drown out sensible people — the “other 98 percent.

It’s a sensible argument from sensible people, who seemed to spend the next part of the session asking, “How the hell can we replicate that?” Or more specifically, “[create] content that’s sharable. Controversial is more or less how you claim the space of the shiny object that the Tea Party has effectively occupied.”

Apparently, after the ‘Why Democrats Suck’ session, everyone decided to have another. The discussion at the Koch session quickly became, “Why Do We Suck More Than the Tea Party?”

“What the Tea Party’s good at is mobilizing,” said one RootsCamper. “They’re very good at being ridiculous and still getting their message through,” said another.

The answer was clear: Liberals have to be the “shinier object.”

For one RootsCamper, that meant becoming a shiny object … of death.

“We should be willing to engage them in the same tactics,” said someone to TheDC’s right who punched the air with his finger. “And I mean the same tactics!”

Brutus was back! He was almost snarling. And he was advocating … dressing up like colonials?

TheDC barely remembers what happened next because TheDC fainted a little. But if memory serves, immediately after his threatening remark, Brutus got a phone call. He answered it, not intimidated by the polite session leader who, at that moment, was addressing both Brutus and his question. (By the way, Brutus is a loud talker and if it matters, he promised to “Give it to Rob!”)

The most interesting moment came when a women in the audience said, “I think the Tea Party is effective because they have these long-term goals. … I can’t get my head around what our goal is when it comes to the Tea Party.” The woman noted that just painting the Tea Party as nuts, might not be the best, long-term solution.

You won’t hear those comments from any liberals, though. She told the session’s camera, the one pointing straight at her, that her statements were “off the record.”