Visiting the sessions at the liberal activists’ RootsCamp

Session 5 – “Going home”

RootsCamp has a strange policy about things being on or off the record. First, all RootsCampers were instructed to say, at the beginning of sessions, whether the talks would be on or off the record. Since TheDC arrived late for most sessions, this wasn’t an issue.

There was also a note in the RootsCamp program that said, “priority #1 is an environment that fosters open and candid discussions. That said … Remember the first rule of RootsCamp is that you DO talk about RootsCamp.” And talk they did. The #Roots10 hashtag on Twitter took a beating over the weekend. It was all very confusing stuff.

According to the schedule available online, there may or may not have been a session about Andrew Breitbart on Sunday. One of the two session leaders, who was not Matt Locksin of the for-profit, non-partisan Credo, made it perfectly clear that everything was off the record. Another nameless leader who was not Dani McClain from the NAACP-esque Color of Change did a lot of talking. Except for someone tweeting about TheDC’s “awkward” presence — during the session! — this was a safe zone. So TheDC now knows how “they” got Andrew Breitbart, but we can’t tell anyone. Moving On.

Sunday, in general, was a disappointment. The energy was gone and so were plenty of the participants. It was probably for the best. There were simply too many sessions for a single person to cover. TheDC admits to picking the ones that sounded the juiciest because day-long sessions of any kind, be it therapy or sex, are a horrible idea.

By all Twitter accounts, RootsCamp was a rousing success and it certainly seems liberal advocates came away with a lot of fresh ideas.

Those who replied to TheDC’s Twitter requests ranged from the tech-savvy to those fighting immigration or gay-rights. Those who spoke to TheDC at the event said making connections was one of the best and most important aspects of the entire event. TheDC even met a new friend at RootsCamp without even knowing it.

“You said it was standing room only,” said TheDC’s new Twitter friend, hours after camp ended. “Considering you were standing by people SITTING in chairs, you willfully lied.” TheDC won’t print this person’s handle and will deny any nice statements we previously made about the RootsCampers. That’s all off the record.

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