Muslim teacher sues school for right to Hajj break

A school district is being sued for not allowing a Muslim teacher to take unpaid leave to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

The Federal Government has brought the case on behalf of Safoorah Khan, claiming that it is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

It is the duty of every Muslim to join the million of pilgrims at the Hajj in Mecca at least once in their lifetime – and the middle school teacher had hoped to go in 2008.

Full story: Muslim women sues after being denied three weeks unpaid leave to make pilgrimage to Mecca | Mail Online

  • philipjames

    Enough of this crap already. If this is how it is going to be then I have a suggestion to counter all this Muslim baloney… wearing a hijab, trekking to Mecca, praying 5 times a day and having the employer supple a prayer room, etc.

    I want the Catholic Church to now make it a duty of all Catholics to not pay taxes to any government. Catholics should only pay a tithe to the Catholic Church. If we follow the logic of the Federal Government and the stupid attitude of allowing all these other religious “duties”, then why wouldn’t this new one for the Catholic Church be supported by the 1964 Civil Rights Act? If not that, how about that Catholics should only vote for Conservatives or that Catholics should not attend public schools, or Catholics HAD to wear a small crucifix cross around their necks and in public display… that one would really go over well in school… right?

    How about Christians start to DEMAND, not ask, for a lot of rights and privileges just like these Muslims are?

    • thephranc

      Until Catholics start killing en mass to get what they want it wont work.

  • Jasmine Clark

    what a joke!!
    although i am bothered by the fact that i’m not sure if this case will be won by her or lost, what if she wins… in this politically correct country who knows…
    lol, a couple of UK commenters were surprised this happened in the US, they thought it happened in the UK and they thought the US had a little more sense. well they are wrong, the US has lost tons of common sense all in the name of tolerance and pc-ness.

  • GeniousIQ

    Teachers get sabbatical years. Use your year off to go.

  • thephranc

    3 weeks to toss pebbles at a meteorite? It only lasts 4 days.