Does Obamacare have a Medicare problem?

While liberal judges can pervert the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to say the government has the authority to force Americans to buy health insurance, and some have, they cannot simply decree that Congress changed a law it clearly did not.

People much smarter than I am could find that test case, take it to the courts and possibly kill this law, or at least aid in its gutting.

I could be wrong on this; health policy experts and lawyers I’ve spoken to don’t know but are looking into it. Either way, it’s an interesting case study of whether or not Congress and the president can mandate something for everyone except a small group of individuals who can’t get on their parents’ insurance and will then be subjected to another aspect of Obamacare — the fine for not having health insurance.

Food for thought.

Derek Hunter is a Washington based writer and consultant. He can be stalked on Twitter @derekahunter