TheDC Analysis: 2010’s People of the Year – Greene, Palin, Sanchez and more

Time magazine, a card-carrying member of the lamestream media, named Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg Wednesday as its 2010 Person of the Year.

The choice, while defensible (even if it was two years late), was also boring. Since, frankly, it is hard to choose just one person of the year, here is my — emphasis on my —  much more interesting list of 2010’s People of the Year:

ALVIN GREENE: For showing anyone can run for Congress

Everybody loves a “Rudy” story.

But imagine for a moment, if instead of just being undersized and under-talented, Rudy was also legless – and still made Notre Dame’s football team.

Well, meet the legless “Rudy” of American politics, Alvin Greene. The obstacles confronting Greene were great: his intellect was not exactly Einstein-ian, he had no cash resources, he did no campaigning, and he was burdened with an obscenity felony charge hanging over his head for allegedly showing pornography to a college student. Yet, still he persisted, defeated his primary foes, and took the Democratic nomination for Senate in South Carolina.

Then he did something else even more impressive. He won our hearts.

Sure, Alvin Greene didn’t know many things. But he did know a few. He knew that Jim DeMint started the recession, that he is the “greatest person ever,” and, unlike most politicians, he had a real plan to reinvigorate the economy – to “make toys of me, especially for the holidays.”

Greene may have lost his quest to be a senator, but he isn’t going away anytime soon. He told The Daily Caller after his narrow election defeat (DeMint held on to only a 34% win in the end) that he is considering a run for the presidency, even possibly as a Republican.

For showing that this great country of ours is a place where anyone can run for federal office, cheers to you Alvin Greene.

HANK JOHNSON: For showing anyone can be in Congress

If Alvin Greene proved to the world that America is truly a place where anyone can run for federal office, Hank Johnson proves the country is also a place where anyone can be elected to federal office.

Elected in 2006, Johnson registered on the political radar for the first time in a major way in March when during a congressional hearing about a planned military buildup on the island of Guam, he expressed concern that such a buildup might cause the Pacific island to capsize.

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” Johnson told Admiral Robert Willard, head of the Pacific fleet.

“We don’t anticipate that,” the Admiral replied, presumably stunned by the question.

You can watch the back and forth here:

YouTube Preview Image

If you are wondering whether such a transparent display of idiocy harmed Johnson in his re-election bid this year, you will be relieved to know that though Republicans were able to sweep many Democrats out of office in the November midterms, Johnson was not among them. He may not have the intellectual abilities of Gary Kasparov – or, for that matter, Gary Busey – but his constituents apparently love him just the way he is: he beat his Republican rival with nearly 75% of the vote.

For showing that this is a country where anyone cannot only run, but be elected to federal office, I raise a glass to you Hank Johnson.

  • saddlemule2

    Have to agree with Gandalf on Sarah Palin and her problams.
    No one seems to want to hear the rest of the story, just what fits in their mind as correct.
    Is this a bias reporter?
    If he cange some of the other stories a little he might get a job at NBC or NEW YORK TIMES

  • gooners

    2010 Senate candidates who got less votes than Alvin Greene:

    Senator Harry Reid: 361,655
    Senator-elect Mike Lee: 360,050
    Alvin Greene: 358,069
    Sharron Angle: 320,996
    Senator Mike Crapo: 318,468
    Senator-elect Joe Manchin: 281,661
    Senator Blanche Lincoln: 280,167
    Senator John Thune: 227,903
    Senator Daniel Inouye: 276,867
    Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte: 265,967
    Senator-elect John Hoeven: 181,409
    Senator-elect Chris Coons: 173,900
    Senator Patrick Leahy: 145,486
    Senator Lisa Murkowski (Total Write-In): 81,876
    Joe Miller: 68,288

  • Gandalf

    When you call Sarah Palin a “quitter” without explanation, you are doing her a gross disservice. To be intellectually honest you must explain the circumstances that necessitated her resignation. She and her family were about to be bankrupted by Democratic operatives headed by Pete Rausch in DC. 20 plus frivolous ethics complaints had to be defended with her own money and she owed $500,000 in legal fees, whereas, at the time, she was only making $125,000. With two years to go, the amount would have been staggering. In addition the frivolous complaints and other demands on the State government had cost Alaska 2 million dollars. Thus calling her a quitter is not appropriate. She did what she had to do in this era of the “politics of personal destruction.

    I guess it backfired on them didn’t it. She then became free to travel the country and pound the Obama administration. She has since become wealthy and is currently the front runner for the GOP. She is a political genius and also an extremely competent administrator.

    • Jasmine Clark

      ganalf and saddlemule: true, people act like she just woke up one day, yawned, and said “i don’t feel like doing this anymore” and went back to sleep instead of going to work as governor.

      people just repeat the “palin is a quitter” line over and over, ignoring WHY she quit because they ignore facts that don’t fit into their viewpoint.

      two great, recently written articles explaining why she resigned. to any idiots who think endlessly repeating the “omg palin quit!!!11″ line actually means anything, i suggest you read these.

  • DRM

    Who is the fool that wrote this post? I’m not going even bother to google. This has to be the most asinine attempt at analysis I’ve seen in a while. Obviously, Tucker is losing control of his operation.

  • Jasmine Clark

    this article’s pretty stupid…

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