Pork bill showdown: a win for the GOP

Running a $14 trillion economy is much harder than community organizing. Obama is a product of the Illinois Democrat political machine that, per 60 Minutes on December 19, rules a state on the edge of default. They owe many state vendors and are $5 billion in arrears.

Speaking of “in arrears,” Barney Frank has dug a trillion-dollar hole for us with his oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Democrats are awful economic stewards.

Taking a lesson from Bill Clinton, by backing the Bush-era tax rate continuation and not insisting on the biggest tax increase in history, Obama may have rescued his chestnuts from an open fire. The economy will recover, it always does, and Obama will try to take the credit. Always a revisionist of history, if it does not turn around by the 2012 election, he will once again blame the Republicans. Nothing would surprise me coming from a man who said he “created or saved millions of jobs” yet ran the unemployment rate up to 10%.

He is learning from Clinton and Bush to govern from the middle in order to be reelected. Next on his agenda is a sex scandal with an intern and invading the wrong country!

Ron Hart is a syndicated libertarian op-ed humorist, author and TV/radio commentator. Email [email protected] or visit: RonaldHart.com.