Mike Huckabee sides with Michelle Obama against Sarah Palin on ‘food fight’ [AUDIO]

Speaking with New York radio host Curtis Sliwa, Gov. Mike Huckabee rejected Sarah Palin’s mocking of Michelle Obama’s childhood nutrition campaign. The former Arkansas governor and Fox News host came out in support of the first lady’s efforts against the nation’s “obesity crisis.”

[H/T]: Hot Air

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  • cat58

    Michelle ought to stuff her fat face with arugula and mind her own business and booty.The taxpayers are paying dearly for this witches “campaign” which is one more way to spread the wealth.Now we will feed them breakfast, lunch, dinner and a healthy snack so momma and baby daddy boyfriend can continue making crack babies and not have to put down the pipe.

    Tell her Sarah.

  • riseabove

    Dominate by incremental stages is what it’s all about for this administration and the people behind the scenes. Scammers know there’ll always be a certain percentage of the population who are overly trusting and more than willing to be wallflowers and doormats…but at least it’s reassuring to know the majority resists.

  • jonesy

    Ok I feel like I need to back this up. When Hannity invited him to be a part of his conservative victory tour (to promote conversative principles) Huckabee shook his head and said, “Nah, I got a job.” Therefore, I was able to determine that Huckabee’s job is more important than promoting conservatism therefore, any gossip on a Presidnetal bid is phoney and only made to increase his power at the negotiating table or open up other opportunities. Colbert did it when he “ran for President” but that seemed more honest. Btw, I do think Huckabee was running in 2008 seriously but now, finding the easy money, forgetaboutit.

  • jonesy

    Him siding with Michelle Obama just shows he has a Dr. Phil-up-my-pockets agenda.

  • jonesy

    I really am not crazy about Huckabee and I think any “run gossip” coming from anywhere is just a way to boost his visibility and his market price.