10 Questions with Connie Mack

Since taking office in 2004, Congressman Connie Mack of Florida has been considered by many to be a rising star in Republican politics. We asked Mack about WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, the 2012 presidential race, and his own future political ambitions.

1. You’ve been one of the few members of Congress to stand up for WikiLeaks. What do you think of Julian Assange’s arrest? Is the government overstepping its bounds in going after Assange and his website?

Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange are no heroes, but neither is the government.  Many of the things released simply show the American people how ill run our government is.  There seems to be an attempt to suppress information from the general public.  This incident points out the need for more government transparency.  It also points out the need for better security protections within our government — that a Private in the Army can push a button and release hundreds of thousands of sensitive documents without the approval of the American government is outrageous.

2. On the WikiLeaks issue, is it odd to find yourself on the same side as Michael Moore?

Michael Moore is opposed to more freedom and just wants to see America hurt.  He and I couldn’t be more different; although I will always defend his right to be wrong!

3. What do you think should happen to Bradley Manning, the Army private believed responsible for the leaks?

He should be charged with treason and then put through the proper military judicial process to prove either his guilt or innocence.  There is no doubt he is a key figure in the leaks.

4. You’ve supported Mitt Romney in the past. Should he run, would you support a Romney presidential bid in 2012?

He would make a great President and his knowledge of how to run a business and free enterprise is clearly lacking in the present Administration.  Mitt and I are good friends and I was a steadfast supporter of his run in 2008.