Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell blasts Eagles, NFL for postponing game because of snow

Heavy snowfall may have shut down travel across the East Coast on Sunday, but Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell found it ridiculous that the Eagles-Vikings game was postponed until Tuesday night.

The game was nixed hours before the teams were supposed to take the field in Philadelphia on Sunday.

“I think it’s a joke,” Rendell said. “We cancel the game and there’s less than 3 inches of snow … I think the fans can make their own decisions about their own safety.

Full story: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell blasts Eagles, NFL for postponing game because of snow

  • Stumpjumper

    we’ll see who the wussie is when you’re forced to apologize, you wuss.

  • thephranc

    If the game had gone on and there had been a score or so people injured on the roads going home what would he have said then?

    • Rumblefish

      Yeah, we absolutely need someone telling us when it is safe to go out of the house. I vote BIG gooberment. The next time it snows we can tell the boss that BIG gooberment said we didn’t have to come to work today. : )

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  • zig zag

    Sign of the times I guess. Look at where sports has come in the last few years.
    You now have ‘soft walls’ in NASCAR, and cookie cutter cars on cookie cutter tracks, no ‘rough driving’ allowed. Brushback pitches in baseball are almost a felony crime, tackling the quarterback is second degree felonious assault.
    Basketball is the only refuge. If you can elbow two guys, and carry the ball at least two steps, and the ‘DUNK’ …..well, now that’s some skill and game.
    Snow in Philly, now that is odd huh? WTF? Think of legends from the past that
    would most likely be ‘banned’ from the games…………Earnhardt, Butkis, White, Singletary, Cale Yarborough, Nolan Ryan, Packers, Bears, Eagles, Vikings,……etc……..guess MLB will make the knuckleball illegal next.
    Sick. Nanny, Nanny,

  • coachpan

    I think Rendell is a joke. And I live in Pa. He ia a lame duck governor who has done nothing but made appearances on Comcast Eagles post-game show.

  • shepmoors

    Rendell went on Fox and said the country was becoming wussified. Yet, he supports all the social programs Obama has been pushing – making more people dependent upon big government and in his words “wussified.”

    • southernandproud

      Yep, you said it!

  • Rumblefish

    Snowfall shutting down a pro football game? Who ever heard of such nonsense? I thought only baseball sissies were afraid of the weather. If this keeps up the cheerleaders will have to start playing the games.