The top 10 UN-believable moments of 2010

No. 2 and No. 1 are related, both occurring in Geneva on Human Rights Day, which also happened to be the day the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was happening in Norway.

Nobel officials remarked upon the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo’s absence from the Nobel ceremony, as he is locked away by the Chinese government. His wife and family are also not allowed to leave China, so no one was there to accept the prize. But guess who else wasn’t there? The UN chief of human rights, Navi Pillay, who said she had an event to preside over in Geneva.

While she attended a rather modest-looking event in Geneva, the Geneva offices of the UN hosted a large photo exhibit extolling China’s open society and its kindness to minorities.

So, the chief of human rights for the entire UN skipped the Nobel ceremony for a ceremony in Geneva, where the UN was simultaneously honoring the human rights record of China. Meanwhile, the Chinese government made the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize impossible for the first time since 1936 by locking its dissidents away.

And, that my friends, is the UN. Bed bugs are the least of their worries.

  • allanedward

    According to my sources the UN would have evolved into
    a more serious political force that promoted rather than
    tried to prevent conflict and suffering.

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  • erick1740

    I thought the un filled up with poop. Or is that a perpetual problem?

  • spike1120

    Anyone, and I do mean anyone, that thinks we have a duty or obligation to this UN box of cracker jacks needs thought modification – perhaps electric shock therapy.

    We pay most of the bills. We allow these swine to reside in our country where they abuse as many laws as is possible to ignore. We are voted down on REAL movement to help at the UN. And to make it all worse it’s more screwed up that a pigs tail in terms of bribery and outright theft.

    Let’s offer NYC $6 Billion a year and kick the UN right the hell out of America to a nice, free, democratic country like Yemen or Russia.

    Years ago the popular chatter was for us to leave the UN. Today it isn’t chatter it is a necessity.

  • kbull

    Pretty far fetched, but I suppose not for a liberal.