David Letterman: Boehner needs counseling

David Letterman took multiple jabs at Speaker of the House John Boehner on “The Late Show” Monday, making guest and NBC anchor Brian Williams feel “highly uncomfortable.”

“[Boehner] will, will cry like he’s on drugs,” Letterman said before asking Williams why he was displaying unease.

“This makes me highly uncomfortable, this is the Speaker of the House,” Williams said, further noting that he’s scheduled to interview Boehner later this week.

Letterman then alluded to the unusually sentimental emotions he experienced when taking Valium for a concussion. A McDonald’s commercial brought him to tears, Letterman said.

“I started sobbing and I thought, why am I crying in a double cheese…It was the Valium, so it leads me to believe…I’m not suggesting he’s using drugs,” Letterman said. “I’m suggesting, what I’m suggesting, is there has been, there has been trauma in this man’s life that he has struggled with, and that’s why he’s always sobbing.”

Seeming to justify the concept of men crying, Williams referenced the sadness he felt when Tim Russert died and the World Trade Center was attacked.

“I’m not suggesting that he’s anything less than masculine, I’m suggesting he needs some sort of counseling,” Letterman said. “This guy can’t get in an elevator, he starts to sob.”

WATCH: Brian Williams and Letterman talk about Boehner

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  • Stumpjumper

    and if Obama did it, it would be okay because he “really cares” about the people. shut up letterman. nobodys listening to you anyway.

  • llama

    Its not just that he is a man and cries – he cries a lot and at the drop of a hat. Couple that with the way he talks about his background and he really does seem in need of some counseling to get over being poor as a child. Seems to have a little bit of Dick Nixon in him – Nixon was known for going on and on about his inferiority complex based on his childhood.

    BTW – I’d be disturbed by his drop of a hat tears regardless of his party affiliation or gender.

    Please proceed to flame your responses in the form of a question.

  • Sonny119

    Paaleeease, letterman, the nfar left Liberal Bully, Punk, sexual predator, and Hypocrite himself, is the LAST person to tell anyone, that they need counseling..!!!

    • Totzke

      a celebrity lefty, a hypocrite??? tell me it’s not so!

  • RinoHunter

    Yea Dave. I see your therapy worked when you found out you didn’t get the Tonight Show back in the early 90’s. You cried for a month straight and it didn’t affect you did it?

  • oc in nc

    The only,”trauma” in Boehner’s life has been having to deal with the demoncrats.I know I would have to take a few Valium.

  • recidivist

    Hey Dave, I’ll bet back in the late seventies when you were actually entertaining and NBC put you on a million dollar a year retainer to take Johnny’s place on the tonight show. I’ll bet you cried all the way to the bank. Progressive weenie.