Rep. Peter King has ‘nothing but contempt’ for the New York Times

In an interview with The Hill, New York Republican Rep. Peter King didn’t mince words about his feelings towards The New York Times.

“I have nothing but contempt for them,” King said. “They should be indicted under the Espionage Act. … The New York Times is just basically being a mouthpiece for political correctness.”

King’s comments come in response to a recent New York Times editorial that painted a rather negative portrait of his interactions with the Muslim community.

“It is disturbing to listen to Representative Peter King, the incoming chairman of the Homeland Security Committee,” the piece reads. “‘He has announced plans to hold a hearing next month into what he calls the ‘radicalization of the American Muslim community.’ Mr. King, a New York Republican, is no stranger to bluster, but his sweeping slur on Muslim citizens is unacceptable.”

New York Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy said in an updated version of The Hill article, “We continue to believe that Rep. King’s plan to hold hearings next month on what he calls the ‘radicalization of the American Muslim community’ is an unacceptable slur on the vast majority of hardworking and law abiding American Muslims.”

King claims it’s safe to say he won’t be caught knocking on Gray Lady’s door for advice.

“I’m certainly not going to take any political advice or direction from The New York Times,” King said. “I have more contempt for The New York Times than anything or anyone I can think of.”

The Daily Caller reported in December that New York Times editor-in-chief Bill Keller is a registered Democrat.

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  • The Die Hard

    I have nothing but conteompt for ignoramus hate-monger Peter King, who should be indicted under the RICO act, and spend a few years behind bars getting the crap cleaned out of his head the hard way.

    The NYT is about as liberal as Richard Nixon. But the repukelibaggers have been taken over by grandstanding Nazi scum like turd-King, and all of them rolled up together in their made-in-China flags have less credibility than the square root of negative one.

    Happiness is a teabaglican convention rally of all imaginary two million of them, cheered on by their triple-chinned bump-up barbie-wanna-be, hit by a fifty-kilogram meteor strike.

    • NHBuckeye

      You make it clear that you have nothing but contempt for anyone who disagrees with you. I guess you are perfect and the rest of us are drooling idiots. You must be a Progressive.

      So there is no Muslim radicalization going on in the US or anywhere else? There is nothing to see here, just keep your heads in the sand folks? Surely political correctly begins with the truth that we have to be careful about distinguishing between friend and foe. However, political correctness (and Progressives) goes to far and demands that we ignore foes altogether. That is simply foolish. Instead of demonizing Mr. King, maybe you ought to become involved in the process to safeguard against that which worries you while at the same time recognize that radicalized Muslims deem us their enemies and work hard to hurt us.

  • toomuchinfo

    I’m gonna like this guy. Buh, bye Nancy.

  • diamndgirl

    Thank God for men like King, he is one of the best, looking forward to the Hearings.

    The NYT’s is nothing but a treasonous commie rag, I will never forget what they did during the Bush administration that could or did hurt our WOT and put our military in danger…along with WaPo too.

    Fishwrap…all they are worth, if that.

    Fire-starter for kindling is more like it.

  • Winghunter

    The consistent whining of the self-declared Socialists (Read: Communists) of the MainSlime Media have not a single care for any credibility they might have once had when the public didn’t have resources to learn and question. Today, the sane are no longer under their despotic thumb wherein King nor the Times control us, we will control them as it is our duty to.

    On the issue of Muslims:

    What Islam Isn’t By Dr. Peter Hammond http://bit.ly/62aHxu

    “Islamism is not a movement to be engaged, it is an enemy to be defeated.” http://bit.ly/cCU5LW

    Islam: The Religion of Peace ( And A Whole Bunch of Dead Bodies) http://bit.ly/cY94uX

    Former Muslim Speaks Out http://tinyurl.com/25tztmy

    Muslim Inbreeding http://bit.ly/goVaWd

  • EinRand

    A congressman from New York that speak without concern for political advancement – is that a plane, no it’s SuperPig.

    Someone must have watched the incendiary documentary about what the Koran says, and what most muslims say to one another when they’re in Dearborn Michigan.


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  • noonespetgoat

    Keywords: SHIELD Act. Ex post facto. US Constitution, Article I, Section 9. DHS. TSA. Tyranny. Peter King.