A patriot’s pause

The time to take the wheel is upon the American people, and there is no better way to do this than to have a keen and pertinent perspective on our country’s most vital directive. It is imperative that citizens arm themselves with knowledge and in turn give their children the lamp to light the path that proceeds in front of them. In this regard, it would be advantageous for not only Congress to read the Constitution on January 6th, but also for schools across America to take a patriot’s pause and not only watch the proceedings but read the Constitution in their classrooms. If the classrooms do not seize this great opportunity, then it is time for parents to read the Constitution to their children at home, for organizations to read it at their facilities, and for bosses to read it at their workplaces. How bold, how beautiful, how brave, how American! Americans need the courage to act upon the inner call of righteousness based on fundamental truths.

Janine Turner is the founder and co-chair of Constituting America. Cathy Gillespie is co-chair of Constituting America.