Christie surges, Palin stumbles in new poll

According to a new Zogby poll, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie leads other possible Republican presidential candidates and would beat President Obama in a hypothetical matchup.

“Christie’s blunt talk about public employees and his aggressive actions on the New Jersey state budget have made him very popular both within the Republican Party and with independents,” said pollster John Zogby. “If he decided to run, Christie could quickly oust Romney as the favorite of establishment Republicans.”

“Our results are not good news for Palin,” continued Zogby. “She isn’t winning independents, and despite her star power with conservatives, she is not their first choice to take on Obama.”

Christie leads Obama 43 percent to 40 percent in a head-to-head contest. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney ties the president 41 percent to 41 percent. Both Christie and Romney lead the president among independent voters.

The other possible Republican candidates included in the survey were former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, and South Dakota Senator John Thune. None of them would beat Obama, according to the poll.

Twenty-seven percent of Republicans say they would support Christie if he ran in the Republican primary, followed by Romney with 17 percent support, Palin at 16 percent, and 14 percent for Huckabee. Other polls have shown Huckabee as the favorite in a Republican primary contest.

Christie continues to insist he has no interest in running for president in 2012. Asked on Tuesday what he thought of the poll, Christie joked that he was sure the president was “resting easy” because “the only person who’s beating him in the poll will once again declare that I’m not running for President of the United States.”

  • jjsmithers

    While I beleive Palin would be far better for our nation than Obama, Clinton, or just about any progressive, I do not believe she would be elected, for 2 (There may be more)reasons:

    The press is now a vile institution in this country. It is no longer just a matter of bias or slant– it is now about transparently lying, distorting and viciously attacking Palin and anybody they see as a threat to their progressive/ liberal agenda. The press, for the most part, cannot be trusted to do anything but lie and smear Palin. Just like they do every day.

    The second concern is that Palin just is not a policy wonk. She does not have command of the facts and minute details of policy, or bills that are being (or have been)considered by Congress. Should she wind up on stage with Obama, I have no doubt that Obama would just lie for the entire debate, claiming this bill or that bill did/did not do something. In other words, he would lie like he did about the healthcare bill, telling us all of the stuff that was in it or not in it– and it would all be a lie. The press will never call him on it, and Palin would not be able to address the lie right then and there, which she would have to do. It would be researched and addressed the next day– but it would be too late.

    We need somebody who can and will stand up to Obama. McCain had a chance to do that, but he passed. He wanted to be “nice” and not talk about Obama’s ties to Ayers. He should have made it a big issue. It is about character and judgement.

  • Mark Ellis

    I have supported Sarah Palin from the jump,


    but understand that the gravitas factor is fluid. My estimation of Governor Palin got dinged by her association with Gosselin, a vapid woman who paraded her broken home in front of the nation for the edification of the Jerry Springer set.

    I know Sarah did it for Gosselin’s obviously disadvantaged kids, but any future camping trips should include Liz Cheney and Micheal Barone, and they should not be televised.

    Conversely, I reaffirm my support for Palin when reminded of the writer/voyeur
    who took up residence next to her family home. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but I anxiously await the deployment of the right wing attack machine when this creep’s book comes out, including, hopefully, Sean Hannity on a big white horse.

    Look, there’s people I strongly disagree with, like the shrike who fired Juan Williams. Would I move next to her family to get the story? Not in a million lifetimes.

  • notalone

    I cannot understand how anyone can even put Ronald Reagan and palin in the same sentence or paragraph. She keeps trying to make that case and many are drinking the koolaid but she is no Ronald Reagan. Bottom line is she is a quitter and I don’t buy her line of bullcrap as the reason. When the going gets tough, the tough get going – they don’t wimper, cry and complain and then quit. If we want 4 more years of the corrupt bunch currently in the whitehouse then go on and keep pushing for her. I shutter to think that if she does throw her hat in the ring and wins the primary there is no way she can beat obama and if she doesn’t win in the primary she will throw her hat in the ring as a third party. That too will give us more of obama. She is her worst enemy. Everytime she opens her mouth or tweets she opens herself up for all the negativity. Her alaska show is really pretty stupid, fake and just plain goofy! Amazing.