Former Sen. Feingold will be a professor at Marquette Law School

MILWAUKEE — Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold is moving from politics to the world of academia.

Marquette University Law School says Feingold will be a visiting professor of law starting in the spring semester.

The Milwaukee school said Wednesday that the three-term Democratic senator will teach an elective course called Current Legal Issues: The U.S. Senate. It will be open to upper-level law students.

Feingold’s third term in the Senate ended Monday. His replacement is Ron Johnson, a Republican businessman from Oshkosh set to be sworn in Wednesday.

Feingold earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his law degree from Harvard University. He practiced law for six years with two Wisconsin law firms and also served for 10 years in the state Senate.

  • Pizzadude

    Russ Russ used to come home to Wisconsin a few times a year and set up bogus town hall meetings. He looked really bored -yawning anmd rolling his eyes repeatedly- as constituent after constituent pleaded with him to vote NO on ObamaCare. So Russ Russ goes back to Washington and voted YES on ObamaCare because “almost everybody I talked to in the great state of Wisconsin wants this bill.” If my kid was a student at Marquette I’d be asking for a tuition refund with this idiot now working there.

  • chuck in st paul

    [from the course catalog:]
    “Screwing America – a Dimocrat’s dream” 5 quarter hours, attendance optional, a paper must be submitted showing how it’s all Booosh’s fault and how Karl Marx is god to pass the course. Reference will be made to Cloward, Piven, and Alinsky. Zdra-stvu-eetee tovarich!

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