Stephen Baldwin angry at Sean Hannity for poking fun at Alec Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin can’t take a joke, at least when it revolves around brother and potential political candidate Alec Baldwin.

Stephen is unhappy that Sean Hannity joked on his syndicated radio program that Hannity was “Alec Baldwin’s favorite radio talk-show host,” referencing a 2006 radio blowout between the two. Soon after the spat, Alec wrote in a Huffington Post blog entry, “Hannity is the Larry Flynt of talk-radio. And he has about as much influence in the world of American public affairs as Flynt. It must be hard for these rabid right-wing types to watch their heroes fall.”

Tuesday’s episode of Sean Hannity included clips from Alec’s notorious expletive-heavy voice messages to his then 11-year-old daughter Ireland, much to the chagrin of Stephen.

“This behavior by Hannity is the stupidity that people often refer to when they think of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin,” Stephen told Page Six. “If he needs to lower himself to petty stupidity, then he needs to get off the radio.”

Hannity rebutted that Alec Baldwin needs to fight his own battles and not have brother Stephen do his dirty work.

“Alec trash-mouths all the time, including me, and it’s too bad he needs his little brother to defend him,” Hannity said. “I don’t need lectures from any Baldwin on conservatism, religion, politics or anything else. That’s one screwed-up bunch.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michelle-Souza/100000406447880 Michelle Souza

    That phone thing is so old. He left that message for the mother. For like 8 months, the court ordered him to call his daughter at a specified time. He tried really hard but was foiled. He’d call and it’d go to voice mail. For weeks this went on. He then was accused by the mother of negligence. He snapped, and I don’t blame him. No one would ever have heard that message esp the daughter if the selfish mother hadn’t put it out there. She;d rather have her kid hear that for the rest of HER life. The kid never got any messages and the mother kept taking the phone and hiding it. She’s a mentally ill shut it, and extremely unfair. In that case, he had a bad moment, can you imagine your worst moment being exposed like that? Getting divorced is painful and ugly. To those it happened to they know better than to judge heartbroken people at their weakest moment. He’s completely mellowed since then. How would you like to fly out to the other coast just to have lunch with your kid have to fly back at night, and mother goes shopping with the child and turns the phone off? So he could waste tons of money and time for nothing? That is cruel, but courts side with mothers no matter how mean, nutty, or the cause of issues they are.
    Alec is one of my favorite actors. I love 30 Rock. He has a perfectly happy life.

    However, Stephen doesn’t need to defend him. Alec doesn’t defend *him* when people say mean things about him. Since he’s religious and conservative, the whole family seems against him.