US high court rejects appeal from ‘birther’ leader

contentsource_type:ap; contentsource_name:ap; contentsource_city:ap; contentsource_countryarea:ap; contentsource_country:ap; contentsource_url: www.ap.orgWASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a lawyer who has been in the forefront of the challenge to President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

The high court on Monday did not comment in refusing to hear the appeal filed by California lawyer Orly Taitz. She was contesting a $20,000 fine for filing what a federal judge determined was a frivolous lawsuit.

The suit was filed for Army Capt. Connie Rhodes, who sought to avoid deployment to Iraq by claiming Obama wasn’t born in the United States and thus, is ineligible to be president and commander in chief.

“Birthers” claim Obama cannot prove he was born in the United States. Many of the skeptics contend he was born in Kenya — his father’s home country. Obama was born in Hawaii.

  • jondos

    I hope Justices Kagen and Sotomayer recused themselves. They have much to gain from this case never seeing the light of day.

    Obama was born a brit, not legit

  • mojo

    You don’t get to make those kinds of calls, Captain. You’re a junior officer, emphasis on “JUNIOR”. Let the Big Brass Hats make that call, why don’t ya? You, go shut up and soldier, what say?

    Oh, and Orly Taitz too!

    Loons of a feather flock together.

  • Toby99

    You have absolutely no credibility. Why don’t you take some of your own advice?

    • didacticrogue

      At whom is this comment directed? The AP (source of the story)? Another poster?

      … if the latter, feel free, in the future, to select the “reply” link on the comment to which you’d like to reply. Otherwise, you risk looking like a lunatic who’s simply talking to himself.

  • Rocketman

    While on one level I agree with the Capt., BUT failure or refusal to deploy really IS a “big f’ing deal”.
    ØbaMaØ won’t release his college records either. Dot->Dot->Dot
    The relatives who witnessed his birth in Kenya have been bought off / silenced.
    That aside, the ignorant Capt. has no one to blame but herself.


  • RinoHunter

    President Transparency could put an end to these cases in short order if he wanted to. How about some New Years’ resolutions, like being honest, telling the truth, backing off the unproductive rhetoric, stop the needless spending, act more Presidential……….