Political cartoons exploit Arizona tragedy in effort to score crude political points

The partisan rhetoric in the wake of the Arizona shooting was escalated to a new level Monday.

Appearing at the WashingtonPost.com, two political cartoons sought to capitalize on the aftermath of the shooting that claimed numerous lives and critically injured Ariz. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to score political points.

One, by Lalo Alcaraz of LA Weekly, depicts Sarah Palin shrugging her shoulders and saying “Whoops!” with the two “o’s” being drawn as crosshairs. The caption of the photo reads, “Sarah Palin Releases Statement on Arizona Congresswoman Giffords Shooting.”

The other cartoon was drawn by Jeff Danziger. It depicts a crazed-looking man climbing out of a tea pot, shooting a gun. Though no words accompany the cartoon, its obvious implication is that the Tea Party is at least partly responsible for Saturday’s tragic events.

So far, no evidence has emerged linking the alleged shooter Jared Loughner to the Tea Party movement. His obsession with Giffords appears to have begun at least as far back as 2007 — before the Tea Party movement even existed.

  • Donna B.

    Obviously, you need to be reading more conservative cartoons! : )

  • Jamo

    It is absolutely insane that the shooter is being successfully associated with Republicans. The shooter is a pot smoking, leftist who idolizes Marx, Che, Castro and Obama. It’s come down to all the Democrats have to do is shoot people and blame Republicans for it, and no one seems to object. What a great political tactic. When are these people going to be called to task for their tolerance of Marx, Marijuana and mayhem?

    A armed conflict is being waged by the Democrats, and they’re successfully blaming it on the Republicans.

  • kaziklibey

    Yup, the Tea Party and Palin are both big fans of National Socialism and Marxism just like the shooter.

    Oops.. it’s the Left that are the big fans of socialism and Marxism …just like Jared Loughner.


  • didacticrogue

    Reprehensible, both.

  • pepito

    Lefty political cartoonist are just as dishonest as their counterparts in print.

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