Tea Party activist/VA Sen. candidate Jamie Radtke on Arizona tragedy: ‘It’s really about needing to get our arms around …mental health policy’

In the wake of Saturday’s tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona there’s been an increased focus on the role that political rhetoric and imagery may have played in encouraging such behavior.

Virginia Republican Senate candidate Jamie Radtke tells ABC’s Top Line, however,  that “instead of it being about the political part, it’s really about needing to get our arms around our health care, the mental health policy here.”

Radtke, the head of the Richmond Tea Party, hopes to face Sen. Jim Webb (D) in 2012.

Full Story: Tea Party Activist/VA Sen. Candidate Jamie Radtke on Arizona Tragedy: “It’s Really About Needing to Get Our Arms Around …Mental Health Policy” – The Note

  • shepmoors

    Our mental health system needs so much fixing. As it stands right now, if someone like Loughner scares people, acts strangely, has run-ins with the law, is kicked out of school – no one knows what to do or where to turn. If that person is 18, parents can’t force him to get help. If he or she gets help, the parents can’t be told what is going on because of privacy laws. My son is autistic and delayed and I am his guardian. When he turned 18, I called over 20 psychiatrists before finding one who would take him. Their practices were either full or the waiting time was 6 months to a year. Many do not accept insurance. We were not in the midst of any kind of crisis – I just know that it is good to have someone in place in case problems arise. (Try finding help if you are in the middle of a crisis). The lack of availability to good psychiatric care is huge. This is a definite problem in America.

    So once again, the conversation is warped into the media’s agenda. The discussion is not about how to prevent mentally ill people from hurting themselves or others. The tragedy is politicized and becomes an attack on conservatism and talk radio. These mentally ill people are not listening to the voices on the radio. They are struggling with internal thoughts and voices in a personal, isolated world of hurt. We need to reach these people before their internalized turmoil becomes a violent rampage. The good that could possibly come out of this terror might be another look at our country’s ability to help the mentally ill. As a result, we may be able to prevent something as awful as what happened in Tucson.
    Many in the media are totally missing the story here.

  • gringott

    People [including children] doing Prozac, Ritalin and other mind altering drugs for decades when the only clinical tests were for months, that is a recipe for disaster. Yet when there are mass shootings by crazy people, we never get to know what was really going on, due to the ‘Medical Privacy Act’ which now seems to apply to dead people too. So we give up all our private information to a government under ‘Universal Health Care’ that will not reveal any information at all that damages it or it’s comrades like big drug companies, the gangster bankers or GE.
    The Government has to know if we sent a text message at 14:32 pm, but we, The People, can’t know that a person; completely crazy; who has made numerous death threats; is wandering around among us.

    Personally, given a choice between a felon and a crazy man getting a background check for a gun, I would rather the felon get the all clear than the crazy man. There is no profit in mass murder. Yet the crazy have civil rights and the Feds do not prevent people on mind altering drugs or plain crazy from having guns. Is that the plan?

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