Washington’s top five most ridiculous reactions to the Arizona shooting

It’s a well-worn mantra in politics to never let a crisis go to waste, so it comes as little surprise that public officials and the chattering class are wasting no time in dusting off some of their wilder ideas in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona.

With only a few days detached from the national tragedy, here’s the list of the top five most ridiculous proposals already floated by your national leaders and thinkers.

1. Encase the entire House and Senate floor with Plexiglass so the tourists can’t throw things at members of Congress

Tourists (who reportedly don’t smell very good during the warmer months) file into the congressional galleries every day to watch members wax poetic in front of empty chairs and bored teenage pages. To keep members safe, Indiana Republican Rep. Dan Burton will re-introduce a bill that would encase himself and his colleagues in “a transparent and substantial material.” Burton has called for Congress to be more like an inner-city 7-11 before, but this time, people are actually listening.

Just last week, a protester on a quest for President Obama’s birth certificate interrupted the reading of the U.S. Constitution on the House floor by shouting down the speaker. If Burton’s dream becomes reality, he will finally be protected from such outbursts by the unwashed masses.

(An investigative review of his campaign donations does not reveal any major contributions from the infamous Plexiglass lobby, which everyone knows really pulls the strings in this country.)

2. Impose a federal ban on carrying a firearm within 1,000 feet of any “high-profile” public official

New York Republican Rep. Peter King, with full approval from New York City’s freedom-loving mayor Michael Bloomberg, has vowed to introduce a bill that keeps all guns at least 1,000 feet from from him at all times.

The call for thousands of constantly roving gun-free zones all over the country probably won’t pass constitutional muster and would be impossible to enforce. It would also effectively ban any member of Congress from all shooting ranges, which would be a shame, because rifles actually make Sen. Harry Reid, a fierce NRA supporter, look pretty awesome.

(Nevermind that at least two of King’s colleagues, Rep. Heath Shuler, North Carolina Democrat, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah Republican, have said they want a firearm within an inch of them at all times.)

3. Make it illegal to draw pictures of elected officials within crosshairs or say things that might be considered ‘threatening’ to lawmakers

Democrat Rep. Robert Brady of Pennsylvania wants to know what you’re photo-shopping to make sure you don’t draw a crosshair symbol (it’s a “surveyor symbol” officer, I swear!) on a map of his district.

“You can’t threaten the president with a bull’s-eye or a cross hair,” he said when describing the idea for his bill.

Some have tied Saturday’s shooting to political messaging ads used by both Republicans and Democrats that show districts they hope to capture as “targets.”

NEXT PAGE: Find out what else they want to ban.

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  • Zordlyng

    I bet he drove a car as well. We should ban automobiles. I wonder what stores he shopped at – maybe we should start investigating their other patrons as well.
    On a serious note, in reply to proposal #1.
    I think they day polititians are encased in plexiglass to spout their arrogance is the day the rest of us are slaves.
    If they don’t have the fortitude to stand up for what they say, then they should be shown the door.
    If they are scared for their lives about how they voted on a specific bill, or the rhetoric they sling, isn’ that telling you something itself?
    To rockon53, what are you talking about “hate speach”? Just cause you don’t like something doesn’t make it hate speach.
    I HAVE heard things on msnbc and air america and huffington posts that concern me about the mental states of those people. But the fact is – Do we need to shut them down? No, they are shutting themselves down. Their product isn’t what most Americans want. Sure there are the immature amongst us, but they could grow up at any time.

  • rockon53

    If radio and television stations can’t control all the hate speech. Maybe it time for the Fairness Doctrine to be place back into law. With free speech comes responsibly.

    • ramp59

      Yea and we all saw how well the “Fairness Doctrine” worked. Assassinated or attempted assassinations during the reign of the “Fairness Doctrine”..JFK, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Wallace, Medger Evers. You can’t control the mind of a crazy person by having equal time on Radio and TV.

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  • usatrac

    With regards ti number 5, pot was the cause, one big problem with that. People that know him have stated that 2 years ago he quit pot cigs booze everything and became very preachy to all of them. They also stated that after going cold turkey, he became WORSE AND WORSE as the months passed by. They also stated that they see no way he could have failed a army drug test, due to the fact that he was not only not taking drugs, he was actively and constantly chastising his friends and trying to prevent them from using drugs, coffee, tobacco and alcohol. This went on for almost two years and he was well known for these positions. Additionally, several of his friends have stated that he has had an ongoing fixation with the politiciam he targetted going back to 2007 when he asked her at a town hall meeting “What is government if words have no meaning” for which she had no response and moved on. This lack of response severely upset him and he became focused and obsessed with that for years, according to several of his friends.

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