MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is the left’s version of a ‘birther,’ says Pat Buchanan

We’ve heard the conspiracies. They’re rampant all over the Internet that President Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya or Indonesia. Though they have been roundly dismissed by many on the left and the right, left-leaning outlets still use the conspiracy theory to marginalize conservatives.

However, on Thursday’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan makes a good point – that people who want to connect former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the tragedy in Tucson last weekend may be invoking their own “birther”-like conspiracy into the dialogue. That is something “Hardball” host Chris Matthews has been willing to do since his first broadcast following the tragedy.

“You mentioned the birthers, but I’ll tell you Chris on the right – guys who go out and say somehow because Sarah Palin put out some silly map that this guy could not have conceivably seen – she is morally complicit. They think guys like you are like the birthers of the left.”

Another point Buchanan made was that Matthews’ repeated allusions to the “Second Amendment remedies” remark made by former Nevada Republican senatorial candidate Sharron Angle in a radio interview earlier this month.  Is Matthews doing more harm by repeating the statement over and over to score political points?

“You shouldn’t say Second Amendment remedies,” Buchanan said. “But let me ask you something – who said it 1,000 times on the air? Sharron Angle said it once. I agree with you. You would say, ‘Look Sharron, don’t use it. Are you inflaming or informing? … But you keep repeating it.”

Buchanan is on to something here. A Nexis search indicates that over the last 30 days, the term “second amendment remedy” has been mentioned at least once on 10 different prime time MSNBC broadcasts. Compare that to CNN, where it was mentioned on four different broadcasts and Fox News, only once.


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But military metaphors are an inherent part of the political lingo, Buchanan said.

“Chris, we have used military metaphors — what is a campaign about if not a military maneuver?” he continued.

  • Archie Leech

    I’m glad Pat said this. Please say it again. This is Matthews game. He spins what conservatives say … and repeats the distortion ad nauseum.

    Example: Bush’s Energy Secretary – in answering a direct question – said that if we overthrow Saddam … we could concievably have lower gas prices. Explaining that a well run, reliable oil program in Iraq would increase supplies, and thusly, lower oil futures. It was a direct answer to a direct question.

    From that quote – Matthews has said scores of times that the Bush Admin boasted lower gas prices as an argument to attack Iraq. It was not.

    This is standard operating procedure for Matthews and MSNBC.

  • adair

    Careful, Pat. Your remarks can be construed as criticism. Chris doesn’t seem to cotton to that so much.

    I’m amazed he didn’t drown you out, as he usually interrupts anyone who isn’t yes-ing enthusiastically everything he has to say.

  • bobmac

    Matthews as birther of the left.Perfect.Matthews has been irrelevant for quite awhile now so he will do and say anything to get notice.Much like everyone else at NBC.

  • The Die Hard

    Matthews and Russert are FAR TO THE RIGHT OF HITLER. Reagan was a screaming liberal by comparison. Whatever weird drugs you beckazoids and palinites are on, you should not be allowed to handle plastic knives, never mind firearms.

    Iraq was not involved in any way on any attack on the USA. Iran does not have nuclear weapons. Eight years of tax handouts for the wealthy CAUSED the economic recession, and the corporations certainly have not started investing or hiring again with the promise of another two years of billions in giveaways to executives.

    Idiot nutcases watch Faux Spews because you can’t handle reality. Reality doesn’t care. But you certainly should not be allowed to vote, drive, or have contact with children.

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