$80,000 for beer pong? Report shows college students learn little during first two years (besides party skills)

Turns out, students spend more time learning how to master a beer pong than they do completing homework for Psych 101.

Nearly 50 percent of undergraduates show almost no gain in learning in the first two years of college, according to a report based on the book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses.

The lack of learning is due in large part to the way students spend their time, the study reports. In an average 168-hour week, college students spend just 7 percent of their time studying, while much more of their time is devoted to socializing (50%) and sleeping (24%).

Full Story: $80,000 For Beer Pong? Report Shows College Students Learn Little During First Two Years (Besides Party Skills) – TIME NewsFeed

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  • Jungle Jack

    I haven’t read the book, but the authors apparently used on-campus students for their research. I received my B.A. and M.A. from attending evening school. I worked all day and spent two nights a week in class. It took me over ten years to earn both degrees. I paid for my education myself with the help of the G.I. Bill. Yes, I’m a Vet.
    I learned much from my core study classes: grammar, composition, critical analysis of literature, the history of the U.S. and that of Europe, a working use of the French language, Macro and Micro Economics, basic Psychology, etc.
    Those courses gave me an introduction to areas of knowledge that helped me decide on which field to concentrate. I chose History.

    • krjohnson

      Does your job now require you to use a lot of history? Just wondering because I know a lot of people that got BAs in majors like history, sociology, even economics with pretty decent GPAs and who now just work entry level jobs that they could have gotten out of high school with a little luck. I even know one girl who got her masters degree in architecture who now works at a fabric store. Sad.

      I love history though. If I would have “followed my heart,” so to speak, instead of my brain I would probably have been a history major or an economics major instead of an engineering major.

    • MichaelPomeranz

      “I learned much from my core study classes.”

      This sounds right. The study regrettably confirms what ACTA has been saying for some time.

      ACTA’s study of more than 700 top colleges and universities around the country shows that students can graduate from college without ever having exposure to composition, literature, foreign language or American history. Is it any wonder that students learn little and do little, when colleges today expect little of them?

      • Fewer than 5% require economics
      • Fewer than a quarter have a solid requirement of literature
      • Fewer than a third require U.S. government or history, or intermediate-level foreign language.

      All of this failure from a postsecondary system that costs more than twice as much per pupil as the average expenditure in other industrialized nations.

      The goal should be to graduate students who have a rich and rigorous education that prepares them to think critically.


  • krjohnson

    I majored in Chemical Engineering and just got my undergraduate degree a couple years ago. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if my “critical thinking, analytic reasoning and writing skills” improved all that much during my time in college but I know I learned some useful skills that I would never have learned otherwise. I wouldn’t be able to understand calculus, for example.

    I think it depends on what your major is. If you’re learning a skill like Engineering, or Medicine, or Accounting, or whatever I think that it is worth it. If you’re just going to major in Sociology or Anthropology or (heaven forbid) “General Studies” you’re probably better off just spending the money on a 4 year vacation.

  • The Die Hard

    Well, you repukeli-tards obviously you don’t learn anything at all, no matter HOW long you spend drinking and bonging at daddy’s expense. Your Boy Chicken George sure didn’t. Although your boy Dickless Cheney learned how to dodge the draft five times. And of course your boy Bone-er learned how to cry on cue…. What was his major again?

    Our freshman year was calculus two (you had to finish calculus one in high school to even be considered for acceptance), chem lab with the explosives, physics where you had to build your own, mechanics where “Don’t touch that” was taken seriously, history where the world was a little older that ten thousand years, sociology where the world didn’t end with English.

    But then, I went to a REAL college, not HAH-vode.

    “Jasmine Clark,” clearly you never WILL learn ANYthing AT ALL.

  • mapletree

    The college industry has been created as a jobs program for teachers and all the support staff that goes along with it. It is also an effective barrier to entry for most jobs and one reason why healthcare is so expensive. For the vast majority of jobs out there, including some medical jobs, one does not really need 6 years of college to do them. A person could be trained to do the job in under a year. But the way the system is set up they make you buy a bunch of useless classes that you don’t want in order to get the degree you need to enter your profession. It’s a big game and anyone who’s been to college and is honest will admit it.

  • Totzke

    This is a pretty broad declaration… Which undergraduates participated in the study? folks in Fraternities & Sororities? I knew a lot of folks that partied non-stop in college and wonder sometimes if they even finished, while there were others that knew exactly what they wanted and socialized very little. I think more information is needed!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasmine-Clark/1785223171 Jasmine Clark

    i’m in my second semester of my second year of college. so… next year i get to learn things? lol!!! XD

    while it’s true that i don’t feel like i’ve been learning a lot of useful information (sometimes, yes. most of the time, no), it’s also true that… i don’t spend a lot of time studying. my time is spent sleeping, watching tv, and posting at daily caller… lol
    jk, that’s not all i do. i also post at conservatives4palin!! 8D

    • krjohnson

      Just curious, what’s your major?

      By the way I’m going to graduate school at the same college Palin went to, the University of Idaho. Thought you might like that.