Eric Holder’s dirty secret

A 2006 law that requires the U.S. Justice Department to deploy a high-tech system for catching child pornographers has identified hundreds of thousands of criminal suspects — and collected extensive evidence pointing to the locations of their child victims.

Yet, despite knowledge of this evidence, Attorney General Eric Holder has refused calls to take serious action.

Now, a Republican-controlled Judiciary Committee, and a government oversight panel on the warpath, could finally force Holder to explain two years of inaction that left thousands of children in danger.

Congress mandates action

To understand Holder’s outrageous failure to protect, some history is necessary.

Congressional interest in an online system for fighting child exploitation dates back to 2006, when Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) sponsored the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006.

Though Sensenbrenner’s legislation is best known for its focus on sex offender registries, a lesser-known provision mandated that the Attorney General deploy “technology modeled after” a Canadian law enforcement system designed by Microsoft.

In the wake of the Justice Department’s rejection of Microsoft’s offer to donate its Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS) system (citing its prosecution of the company for antitrust violations), Congress ordered Justice to provide a substitute.

That technology was deployed, and nearly overnight U.S. law enforcement began seeing and sharing information on an estimated 300,000-500,000 suspects trafficking in horrific video and photographs of children being raped, abused and even tortured.

A shocking picture emerges

The existence of this new law enforcement system — and the shocking picture then emerging of the full magnitude of the crisis — was disclosed in several Congressional hearings from 2006-2008.

Law enforcement experts working closely with the online system (known as the ICAC Data Network or Operation Fairplay) showed Congress satellite maps of the U.S., plotting the location of traffickers. In one 2008 Senate briefing, agents went online live and gave a stunned audience a glimpse of the buzzing hive of domestic child pornography trafficking, as it happened in real time.

Top federal officials confirmed what the cyber cops were seeing online. When asked during House Energy and Commerce Committee hearings, Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher and FBI officials Raul Roldan and Arnold Bell estimated there were “hundreds of thousands” of individuals in the U.S. engaged in child pornography crimes. All of this prompted Committee Chairman Joe Barton (R-TX) to plead with the Bush administration to ask Congress for more funding.

“If we’re serious about this,” said Barton, “let’s put some muscle [behind it] . . . If I’ve got to put out a major forest fire, I don’t send one firefighter, no matter how good he is. I mobilize the entire operation.” (video)

Child rescue

There was something more explosive emerging, however, than revelations about how easy it had become to arrest perpetrators. Law enforcement was now learning to follow the trail of child pornography back through the Internet to the door of “dual offenders,” criminals who trafficked in child pornography and were also hands-on offenders. Conservative estimates indicated this was at least one in three child pornography possessors.

For the first time in history, the technology existed to detect and stop child sexual abuse on a massive scale. Americans got their first glimpse of this child rescue technology when Oprah Winfrey devoted a one-hour show to the issue in late 2008, featuring three Ohio girls who had been rescued using the online system. They had been drugged and sexually assaulted during sleepovers, never even knowing what had happened until police found and told them.

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  • LindaW

    That’s right. If you don’t like the message, attack the messenger. How ignorant!

    If your mind is already made up, why confuse it with FACTS.

    How come CA and Texas have Recommended NOT to adopt the Adam Walsh Act. WHY?
    These government studies have released their recommendations. http://t.co/pkIyTjo

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/01/18/eric-holders-dirty-secret/#ixzz1BUeAxPuX

    And I’ll bet those who attack me personally haven’t read these government financed studies.

    Ignorance is bliss they say. Perhaps that is why we allow politicians think for us. How stupid. This is truly a country of sheeple.


    Recently the Bureau of Justice Statistics published a study which tracked 9,700 sex offenders for three years, 2001-2004. Their findings concluded:

    * Only 5.3% of these people imprisoned for sex crimes were rearrested for a subsequent sex offense.
    * Where a child was involved, the rearrest rate dropped to 3.3%.
    * Between two adults, the sexual reoffense rate was 2.2%.

    A more multifaceted meta-analysis was done in 2004 by the office of Canada’s Solicitor General, Karl Hanson. This analysis involved 95 studies tracking 31,000 sex offenders. These studies had an average follow-up period of 5 years and found:

    * The recidivism rate for once-caught pedophiles was 12.7%.
    * The overall once caught recidivism rate (includes adult victims) was 13.7%.

    Contrary to widespread public opinion, once-caught sex offenders have a very low recidivism rate. With or without treatment, more than 87% of the once-caught do not commit another sex crime. With treatment, the likelihood of re-offending is even lower.

    In contrast, according to the 2004 U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics study, 69% of all other types of criminals go back to prison, and they do so within five years. Over a longer period of time, other FBI statistics show, about 74% of all other types of offenders return to prison.

    When that figure is compared to only 2% to 13%, the recidivism rate for sex offenders in reality is only a tiny fraction of what it is for other types of crime. This is not what the public believes and certainly not what they have heard. As the trackings of tens of thousands clearly attest, most people learn from their mistakes,and sex offenders are no exception. Just getting caught changes the behavior of most individuals.


    The public has been told for years that treatment doesn’t work, that “for sex offenders nothing works,” but here too a myriad of major studies indicates otherwise:

    * The Campbell Collaboration analysis of 22,000 individuals found that treatment reduced recidivism by 37%.
    * Canada’s Karl Hanson’s 2000 analysis found a reduction of 41%.
    * Oshkosh Correctional’s meta-analysis from 79 separate studies of over 11,000 sex offenders found that people who participated in treatment programs had a 59% rearrest reduction.
    * According to Alexander’s 1998 study, “Men arrested for having sex with children are usually overcome with shame and remorse and they want to stop. Since 1943 those who were treated in jails, hospitals and outpatient clinics found their way back to prison at a rate that was approximately one-third of those who had no treatment.”
    * By 2005, most all preventative programs showed that rearrest rates were being reduced by greater than half. With some of the latest deep aversion and victim empathy regimens, reductions were reported as high as 91%.
    * There is now a credible concurrence that “treatment works” and that new programs are becoming increasingly more successful.

    For more detailed data, see Sex Offenses: Facts, Fictions and Policy Implications, January 2006, available on the NCIA web page at Offenders Report.pdf. See also an earlier article by Eric Lotke, Politics and Irrelevance: Community Notification Statutes, October 1997 available on the NCIA web page or at Professor Eric Lotke can be reached at ( elotke@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). NCIA’s web page is http://www.ncianet.org.

  • kingfish

    Mr. Holder has a LONG HISTORY of thwarting real crimes and covering for rich and political criminals. He has a lot of skeletons in the closet and should be indicted himself over the WACO incident, which was recently revealed to have been directed by Bill Clinton himself, with then DOJ Janet Reno and deputy Eric Holder SUPPORTING this genocide. There are many, many other crimes which Holder has covered up rather than investigate or prosecute. He’s been the WORST DOJ chief in history besides his ex-boss Reno. One of the thousands of examples of FBI/DOJ/CONGRESSIONAL coverups includes the following:

    Letters Reporting FBI Murders, Relationship to 9/11—and Total Cover-Up

    “After learning from his inside sources about the FBI agents involvement in multiple murders, Stich wrote letters to several members of Congress, including those who investigated the FBI murders in Boston. He advised them that he was a former federal agent and that he had contacts who knew of and participated in similar criminality in the FBI’s New York offices. Stich urged them to immediately contact him so that he could provide information and the names of these people. Not a single recipient of the letters responded.”

    “In 2003, every member of the House Judiciary Committee were sent letters by former federal agent Rodney Stich, informing them of the murders involving FBI supervisor Lindley DeVecchio (my note: called the “Killing Machine, responsible for over 4,000 murders) with a dreaded Mafia capo. Members of Congress were offered the names of two insiders with direct knowledge of the murders and related crimes, which also revealed the corrupt culture in the Department of Justice. Not a single member of that House Judicial Committee responded. Ironically, at that same time, these house members were conducting hearings on murders involving FBI agents in the Boston offices, further revealing the corrupt and deadly culture in the Department of Justice.”

    “The letters offered evidence on such issues as: (1) Murders perpetrated by an FBI supervisor in the New York offices, (2) A Mafia soldier acting as a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the 1998 bombing of the WTC, (3) Advance warnings to the FBI of specific terrorist attacks given by that mole, obtained from inside the al Qaeda cell, of three major terrorist actions that did subsequently take place, (4) The withholding of the advance information on planned terrorist attacks by high-level Department of Justice employees, making possible nearly 4,000 deaths.” (at the WTC)

    There was no response from any of the recipients, which included at least 50 members of congress to include Rep Waxman (D-CA) numerous times, Rep Sensenbrenner (R-WI) Chairman of the Judiciary Committee in 2003, Rep Tom Davis (R-VA) Chairman of the Committee on Govt “Reform”, Rep Delahunt (D-MA), and Sen Diane Feinstein (D-CA).

    • thephranc

      You are a jew hater that blames 9-11 on jews. You have no credibility.

  • kbull

    Maybe “Black Panthers” are involved. Holder seems to bo OK with their transgressions against justice. Heaven forbid he doesn’t get the “criminal’s” vote in Illinoise. He’d rather fund ACORN than fund a stupid program to get child molesters off the street.

  • captaingrumpy

    Dear Linda W, You are unaware of the real world.
    You know and can find in any investigation of pornographers ,that they cannot be ‘cured’ by treatment which does not involve incarceration of less than ten years.
    This means in reality,that all people convicted of child pornography MUST be jailed for at least ten years.
    That is OK with me. Except that a lot of investigations consider pornography ,the same as rape,or murder in a sexual manner, to be impossible to be cured.
    I am afraid I agree with this. which makes the acceptance of your lecture impossible also. You state that once caught, only a small number re-offend.Sorry,but I believe that they will keep offending after they are caught, punished and so called ‘treated’.
    Why do people try to make out that it is a safe world,and there are not many child molesters out there.It is people like you that cause investigations to be defunded and judicial courts to let offenders off with a smack on the wrist.
    Let the world use all the technology it can to catch these animals whether they are real or fictitious as you would have us believe.

    • LindaW

      It is amazing that Internet pornography of any type is unavailable in nearly all Muslim controlled countries and in most Communists countries. Only in the “free world” do we feel a need to protect the rights of pornographers, to be able to publish their smut to everyone. Libraries have even made a fight to make sure Internet porn is available on library computers, even those in their youth departments. My guess is that especially with child porn, if this country had even the slightest desire to stop this, they could, right at the sources.

      So why don’t they? For the same reason that they are promoting more and more federal control of our government. Money and Power! I truly believe that it is all within their plan to move our world to an all world government. There is way too much money to be made by criminalizing a large portion of your population and then confiscation their property. THIS IS THE DIRECTION THAT ALL NEW SEX OFFENDER LAWS WILL GO. It will soon not matter at all about the registry anymore either since they will soon base all laws on convictions only with no linkage to the registry at all.

      Every child that has an Iphone connected to the internet has the opportunity to view all the porn on the internet. Unless their parents have that stuff blocked.

      I imagine many parents have no idea how to block a phone. Why doesn’t the government not stop this trash at it’s source?

      The only point I made in reference to Eric Holder was his talk on “EVIDENCE BASED RESEARCH. I totally agree. But the problem is that BOTH parties ignore the facts for political convenience. The research IS FACTUAL and has been complied.

      I wonder if medical law, traffic law and any other law was done without reliable research. Where would we be? Nazi Germany comes to my mind.

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  • LindaW

    Eric Holder, in my opinion represents what the last administration failed complently to represent. At least in regard to the issues of laws passed without RESEARCH!

    Reducing Recidivism Through Evidence-Based Reentry Practices by Eric Holder

    This YouTube skips a little but worth it.


    • truebearing


      What does the “W” stand for, warped? You’re a pathetic government troll, defending the sick social agenda of the Obama administration.

      This is an administration that appoints a “Safe”School Czar whose only agenda is teaching young children the perverted sex practices of adult homosexuals.

      This is an administration that refuses to prosecute racists who intimidate voters, even when it is videotaped.

      Now they are refusing to prosecute child molesters, and prevent their predation on innocent children.

      You are one sick puppy for defending it.

  • highnoon1

    To eliminate any myths and distorted ideas,the government should start with the 2006 ICE investigation of Pentagon child pornography. 5,000 cases discovered and only a couple convictions until it was completely dropped. That’s reality.

  • LindaW

    Knowing of NCIA’s work and having seen this report, author/researcher Henry Scammell volunteered the following:

    The public has been misled into believing that sex offenders are around every corner and that even those who have been caught will go on to offend forever. The first fear is irrational and the second is less true of sex offenses than of virtually any other type of crime. The only public policies with any hope of success are those based on reliable research instead of fears, and on scientific facts rather than easy political fixes fed by misconceptions.

    Fear is a poor basis for public policy. It raises a nearly unbreachable barrier to the truth. And a policy that is based on the realities –of low recidivism, of responsiveness to treatment and of the relationship between the vast majority of offenders and their victims– offers the only hope for reducing or eliminating one of our society’s saddest and most challenging problems.

    If we keep in mind the reality that once a sex offender is caught, most of the problem ceases, that preventative programs can cure almost all the rest of the once caught, then clearly treatment must be the goal. When you hear a politician calling for tougher sentences and not backing it up with dollars for treatment programs, then he is looking for votes, not solutions.

    The public’s fear would not be so intense today if it were not being propelled by all the exaggerated and often totally false recidivism claims. There have been too many “scarathons” that claim that the boogeyman has become much larger than he really is. Even though the public imagines the molester-kidnapper is everywhere, that simply is not the case.

    Because of all the clamor and panic, what criminologists and treatment scholars have learned to date has plainly not been heard by the public. Sadly, what has been spawned politically so far, such as sex registries and residency restrictions, are measures that will do nothing to make our communities safer, but in fact will do more harm.

    If we want fewer sex offenders and fewer victims of these types of crime, we have got to be more levelheaded. We should see to it that the public and our legislators inform themselves better about these myths and learn to distinguish the reality from the many distorted ideas that are abroad

    • truebearing


      To put it mildly, you’re full of crap. My wife worked with sex offenders in prison, and she knows first hand that these people generally don’t think what they’ve done is wrong, therefore don’t see a need to change. They see a need to not get caught.

      You have provided no credible support for your opinion, but here is just one of a zillion that refute you. http://www.leadershipcouncil.org/1/res/rcd.html

      • kingfish

        I agree. Sex offenders are the MOST LIKELY to re-offend. What kind of person is she to want to protect child rapists?

  • LindaW

    Politics as usual. I really believe that the AWA and many of the sex offender laws in this country are nothing but vote getters for politicians who have lied to us, the citizens of this country.

    The AWA is NOT research based

    Two States – CA and Texas have Recommended NOT to adopt the Adam Walsh Act. WHY?
    These government studies have released their recommendations. http://t.co/pkIyTjo

    Also, here is a good RESOURCE Page: http://t.co/pkIyTjo

    Of all crimes, sex offenders are widely believed to have the highest level of recidivism. However, treatment professionals and criminologists have known for some time that once sex offenders are caught, only a small minority of them will commit another sex crime. Although some pedophiles, before they are caught, have many victims, most have a single victim in or about their own family.

    We all hope for the day when we can see fewer sex offenses and particularly fewer juvenile victims of such crimes. But so long as what we think we know about these types of crimes is based on myths and fear rather than facts, that day will never come. There are several myths that are widely believed that need to be debunked.

    In recent years social scientists and criminologists have combed through an immense accumulation of data from hundreds of studies, which have tracked tens of thousands of individual sex offenders for long periods of time, some even for decades.

    By 1994, 670 studies of sex offenders had been done and by the end of 2005 well over 700. Many of these studies have been systematized through a methodology called meta-analysis. The resulting data reveal that many common myths about sex offenders are simply false.


    • ladylove

      yep that is why so many as soon as they are released go right out and do it all over again.