Pro-life activist to primary Obama so he can air graphic pro-life ads during Super Bowl

Pro-life activist Randall Terry announced he will challenge President Barack Obama in a Democratic primary for the sole purpose of running graphic pro-life advertisements on national television during the election year. Terry said he expects to “wound” Obama politically, and told The Daily Caller he plans to do so by airing pro-life advertisements during the 2012 Super Bowl and AFC and NFC championship games.

“I want to pummel Obama for his support of child killing,” Terry said in a phone interview. “I’m going to use the Democratic primary as a vehicle to do that. I want to focus like a laser beam on Obama.”

The television stations would be forced to air Terry’s pro-life advertisements because, under Federal Communications Commission and Federal Election Commission political candidate laws, they have to give air time to candidates within 45 days of a primary. Most of the Democratic primaries around the country are within 45 days of the Super Bowl in 2012.

Terry had been a “lifelong Republican,” but said he didn’t want to run in a GOP primary against people like “Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney.” He said his roots are in principle and expects to get support from Tea Partiers around the country for his campaign.

His philosophy on abortion is similar to that of Missy Reilly Smith, who ran against Washington, D.C., Democratic Congressional delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. He believes that, to stop abortion, “America has to see abortion.” Terry said he produced her advertisements.

“We must and we will make child killing illegal,” Terry told TheDC. “Child killing is murder and Obama supports the murder of the unborn.”

Terry has not yet raised the capital to run the advertisements, but said he has raised millions of dollars before and has more than a year to get the funds together. He previously ran for Congress in New York’s 23rd district and lost in the Republican primary.

Watch the graphic advertisements (Warning: Videos contain disturbing imagery)

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  • AParent

    Randall Terry is in no position to comment on anyone’s morality or behavior. Not after he dumped his first wife, of 19 years, to marry his pregnant secretary who is over 20 years his junior. He was also censured by his church for his behavior. Rather than respond and repent, he went to a different church, before he converted to Catholicism. Additionally, he was such an excellent father that he raised one son to be gay, and two of his daughters got pregnant out of wedlock. This is only his attempt to remain in the headlines because no other leaders in the pro-life movement will have anything to do with him, other than the filing lawsuits against each other.

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  • loudog

    “expects to get support from Tea Partiers”

    And now Christian conservatives move in and remind everyone else who runs the GOP show.

    • thephranc

      He’s a democrat dumbdog.

      • loudog

        Try again, “a “lifelong Republican,” but said he didn’t want to run in a GOP primary against people like “Sarah Palin”

        social issues must not be getting enough air time.

        • thephranc

          Dumbdog he is running as a dem. That makes him a dem just like Arlen Specter.

          • loudog

            “for the sole purpose of running graphic pro-life advertisements on national television”

            put your thinking cap back on.