Columbia Journalism Review: ‘[Daily] Caller deserves credit’ for original reporting

Just a year after The Daily Caller’s launch, the Columbia Journalism Review says TheDC deserves as much recognition as anyone online for publishing original Washington reporting.

CJR’s Michael Meyer wrote in a piece Tuesday that TheDC scores double for maintaining both a “sense of humor” and a “sense of decorum,” citing Matt Labash’s high-traffic advice column and a recent Bond girls slideshow, which Meyer said would pass the grandmother test.

The article also addressed some comparisons, assumptions and generalizations that many have made about TheDC.

“A Guardian piece on the Caller’s launch called it ‘the conservative answer to the Huffington Post,’ but it’s hard to see the comparison,” Meyer wrote. “The Caller cuts against the grain of Internet thinking by devoting its own reporters to the kinds of short, breaking news stories that could easily be clipped off the wires, and also spends a fair amount of time on mid-length political analysis pieces that other sites would probably cram into a blog posting.”

Meyer added that while TheDC may take “a broadly (not to be confused with mildly) conservative view in the selection and framing of its stories, it’s at bottom a fairly straightforward news provider aimed at a vast swath of the electorate.”

Though he says the TheDC will have to wait a little longer to hit its stride, Meyer wrote that it continues to grow rapidly and has its “heart in the right place.”

“If you support original journalism, make sure to pick up a thong or pique polo at The Daily Caller store to help them on their way,” Meyer wrote.