Piers Morgan asks Condoleeza Rice why she’s single

Piers Morgan wants to know why former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, an accomplished, successful woman, has yet to tie the knot.

“You are and remain one of the most eligible women in Washington,” Morgan said in an episode of ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ that aired Wednesday. “How have you avoided being snared in the marital trap?”

“Well actually I live in California now,” Rice said. “But I always said that I expected to grow up and get married like any nice Southern girl, but the fact is that you don’t get married in the abstract. You find someone you’d like to be married to.”

When Morgan asked if Rice has ever come close to matrimony, she answered yes but would not expand on the amount of times she’s encountered this situation.

“I’m not going there,” Rice said. “The fact is I’ve just never found anybody I was going to spend my life with. But I think it’s a wonderful thing, marriage. But who knows, maybe someday.”

When asked if she holds out hope for eventual marriage, Rice said, “Sure? Why not?”

[WATCH: Condoleeza Rice explain her relationship status to Piers Morgan]

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  • SunnyJ

    Ms Rice is grace under pressure personified. She carried herself with dignity throughout her service and was never lowered to roll in the mud with pigs that were attacking her relentlessly. She is smart, talented, beautiful, humble, accomplished, and has a great sense of humor. When my daughter was young, Ms Rice was a role model to point to and encourage her to learn from her experience and ability to accomplish her goals. No one needs to be a “clone” of anyone else but, we can all stand next to those that do well and learn from their experiences. I can well imagine that there is a great partner out there for her, if and when she crosses paths with the same. Until then, she rocks on her own!

  • teapartypatriot

    During a commercial break on another outstanding Hannity show, I momentarily switched over to the leftist lamestream cnn to watch what I can describe as the broadcast equivalent of a horrific car wreck. Morgan, the immigrant hired by the cnn “Corrupt B-tards” to do a job no self-respecting American citizen would do – namely, appear on their socialist propaganda network – was, as I anticipated, pathetic as an interviewer and commentator. He’s like a pseudo-male version of christiane amanpour, abc’s LOWEST RATED commentator/interviewer – perhaps these two are in competition to beat out TAX CHEAT olbermann as “THE WORST PERSON ON TELEVISION”. I now fully understand why lamesteram cnn is consistently in the ratings toilet and why nobody watches this lowlife excuse for a network.

  • George of the Jungle

    I never liked Condi, but have appreciated her more since she is no longer in office. She, like Bush, became more human to me after. I come from the independent more liberal side. But definitely have conservative values, and sometimes have a difficult time understanding far-right thinking. i’m trying to understand, and people like Condi are a great example of human beings who can talk beyond the party-line. I think she has every right to be discerning about who she wants to share her life with. Too many of us jump into relationships without holding any standards. Good on her!

    As far as Pierce . . . he was undeniably one of the worst interviewers I’ve ever heard. He interrupted her throughout. Incredibly rude, rude, rude.

  • zelda

    Geez. Now I want to marry her.